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Wolf in sheepskin clothing Anonymous 62418

I have a friend (let's call them D) who is generally very sweet and very funny. However, D is also a self loathing narcissist who manipulates people into falling in love with them to validate that they're attractive. D specifically target people with disorders like BPD (BPD almost specifically) because D is aware the people their hunting will fall wildly in love with them and stroke their ego. D always complains to me about these people wanting to get serious but D refuses to learn or grow as a person.

The sad thing is that D has the potential to be a great person, and they know they can be a great person, but D just won't make good person decisions.

Something that's bothering me lately is an obsession with a particular person (who we will call A). A was in a relationship with Ds best friend. D and A had an affair, totally destroyed the relationship, and now they're still all friendly with eachother but D is mildly obsessed with A. I'm afraid my friend is going to try and lure A into an affair again. A has a relationshop but A is already hanging around with D late at night without As partner.

D has told me before that sometimes when they make decisions that ask themselves if I would be proud of them. Whenever they're ashamed, they tell me. I'm wondering if D and A are already shagging again but D is too ashamed to tell me

Anonymous 62476

Just wanted to let you know I read your post but don't know what to reply. The dog pic is cute btw.

Anonymous 62491

Encourage D to seek therapy for their homewrecking hobby. Explain to A that D just does this for validation and would never actually get serious with them. Encourage A to go to therapy to build up a resistance to narc shit.

Anonymous 62497

I don't actually know A. I've never met or spoken to A, but I know a hell of a lot about them due to D talking about them often. I have to blame both D and A for breaking that persons heart. I can't imagine what it must be like having your bestfriend go behind your back with your partner. It's actually sick and I almost can't believe that D has gone that far just to get whatever they got from doing that

Anonymous 62558


>letting your new bf seeing late at night, alone, a "very sweet and funny" girl he had an affair with

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