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my good male friend likes me Anonymous 62704

i have this good male friend of me, he too is very autistic and we regularly do seshy uni things together i.e. getting blackout drunk and doing horse tranquiliser
we have a good rapport and it's worth mentioning that even though hes straight he's always made out with/seduced any guys ive had any interest in (said guys were bi not gay making it slightly insulting but hey lmao)
a couple nights ago we shagged and it was actually pretty good, i'm on anti depressants and hes like suicidal so neither of us came tho, he was trembling the whole time and his wee insulin/diabetic tamagotchi wire was swinging about
recently a mutual friend has informed me that he wants to take me on a date next month and i'm worried since both of us but mostly him are suicidal and he's od'd a bunch of times plus i'm 22 and he's 19 so there's a gap in experience also we're both in an established friend group and i dont want to fuck any of that up
at the same time im very horny for him atm and our chemistry is really good but the possibility of eventually having kids and those kids inheriting our autism makes me really worried since i was bullied in my youth a lot for it please help me CC

Anonymous 62705

>he's straight but seduced a bunch of guys
Hol up

Anonymous 62707

i'm a bit tomboyish so i near exclusively attract bi guys and they always seem to find my male friend attractive, male friend-kun also has a habit of kissing the homies to piss their girlfriends off but i'd say he's mostly hetero

Anonymous 62708

I suffered a mental breakdown reading that

Anonymous 62717

>doing horse tranquiliser
>he's always made out with/seduced any guys ive had any interest in
>his wee insulin/diabetic tamagotchi wire was swinging about
Sorry, I'd love to help but I don't even know what's going on in this post.

Anonymous 62745

Ketamine. It makes you lose your short term memory and make an ass of yourself.

Anonymous 62771

your friend is not straight. you also sound like you're the type that's going to fuck him regardless, so use birth control ig. good luck.

Anonymous 62779

Same, she is not joking about the autism.

Anonymous 62781


Anon you need more than anonymous advice on your love life. Stop doing drugs and talk to a professional.

Anonymous 62782

First reasonable person ITT. Good job.

Anonymous 62794

Screenshot 2021-08…

this is the diabetic tamagotchi i mentioned
we have already frickity fracked, i'm bi myself so him not being fully hetero wouldn't bother me but he refuses to do anything with men unless they buy him drugs so i think he's just like, a ketwhore (hetero""flexible"" if you will)
thank you for your concern anon but i'm not an addict myself, i'll do a bump if it's offered to me by someone i trust but i don't truly care for that shite, can't truly say the same for male friend-kun hence my concern

Anonymous 62809

ayyyy this sounds like a fucking trashfire

Anonymous 62816

methinks they are perfect for each other. Good luck OP. Don't get hooked on some whack shit like uppers or benzos.

Anonymous 63216


Thrilling update: i think i like him romantically but the age gap and the possible social factors remain my greatest concern as he is willing to cut down and eventually stop being a silly druggie which he stated unprompted as well
all our friends seem to ship us and i'm unsure if ill actually date him but i like his company and its really nice to be around someone whos also autistic and i havent felt like this for a while, i'm scared of losing our friendship dynamic as he's already more amorous than jokey with me but i suppose that makes sense

Anonymous 63217

>hes straight
>made out with/seduced any guys
Alright, and I can walk in the water.
>drug user
>this writing
Go look for professional help. You're not "autistic" in the fun way.
>Shiroi Suna
I really hope this anime doesn't turn out to be yaoi/yuri, I don't want to drop it.

Anonymous 63218

>on the
Fix'd. Just because I talked about your writing.

Anonymous 63219

what's wrong with yaoi/yuri you sussy baka also there's no need to act high and just because you can walk in the water

Anonymous 63234

>"eventually stop being a silly druggie"
>all our friends seem to ship us
how do I put this… you come across very young.

Anonymous 63327

i have the mental age of a younger person which has been officially diagnosed yes, i appreciate you not insulting me

Anonymous 63340

what I meant by this was really just that you're being naive. At the very least I can promise you that this guy won't stop doing drugs anytime soon. Then I don't know what you meant by 'social factors' but the age gap should be enough of a red flag.

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