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Lifelong perm neet Anonymous 62718

Any other disabled neet here? I’m a woman and a lot of neet communities on discord resent me for such. I’m asexual and aromantic and have no boyfriend or interest in one. I also can’t drive and am essentially a adult child. My therapist even says my mental age is 12 due to me still loving toys at my age. I am autistic. I typically lurk here figured this will be likely my one and only post. Im in my late 30s almost 40. I like my life and it’s fairly ok. Parents gave me the master bedroom and I chill all day with my hobbies and internet. Curious, am I the only one? Totally fine if I am a lot of times I feel like the only one. I lurk the entire internet never or rarely ever posting.

Anonymous 62721

Hey same to u. Thanks for all the content on this board and such to the posters it’s given me a lot of joy I esp love the art threads

Anonymous 62722


Same except I am not autistic, late 20s, don’t have the mental age of a 12 year old, and I’m scared of being alone forever and living and dying in poverty. Other than that, life is ok.

Anonymous 62724

I like being alone and I know I won’t die in poverty because of disability money. I also have multiple siblings willing to adopt me if something happens to my parents but they are only 20 years older then me.

Anonymous 62725

I've been a NEET since college graduation but not disabled. Yeah, I have no excuse.
It's good to hear you like your life and have people other than your parents to support you.

Anonymous 62732

your therapist sounds like an asshole. you can like toys and not have the "mental age of 12". liking toys doesn't magically place you at "the mental age of 12". what a rude person. that said, i don't know how sustainable your lifestyle is, but still, your therapist sounds rude.

Anonymous 62733

What is your disability?

Anonymous 62737

He is but he’s free from the state so it is what it is

Autism and schizophrenia

Anonymous 62808

I wouldn't count on disability money your entire life, especially if you live in the USA. The well will dry up at some point. The Social Security board already predicts it being depleted by 2035. Either payroll taxes will have to rise, benefits will have to fall or some other resource must be tapped, it can't last the way it is now. 2035 is less than 15 years from now and you're only in your late 30s. Hopefully you're investing some of it and not just blowing it all on crap.

Anonymous 62819

As someone who works themselves to the bone to barely make ends meet, I want you to understand that people like you rely on people like me for society to function. Historically, when there are enough people like you taking from the people like me, the people like me stop giving. I expect that soon you will have to become like me or die.

Anonymous 62830

I understand your frustration if you are a wagie, but if you are rich that's quite cruel.
(Nta btw.)

Anonymous 62844

If you're rich that's the same as people like op, not people like me.

Anonymous 64993

I'm schizotypal and very similar.

Anonymous 65007

>My therapist even says my mental age is 12 due to me still loving toys at my age
That's stupid

Anonymous 65019

Sometimes idk what to do because everyone’s expectation of me is to either get a job or get married and start a family but the truth is I have an aversion to hard work and am extremely lazy and both of those things require so much investment of energy and time. I honestly just wanna sit around.

Anonymous 65021

u aint gonna do shit. just lmao @ ur life and keep waging away

Anonymous 65026

blame the system

Anonymous 65031

>I expect that soon you will have to become like me or die.

Sounds like a parody of a wagie

Anonymous 65140

you live my dream life. unfortunately i was born stupid and to poor parents. therefore i cant live my neet dream

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