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Anonymous 62752

In a few months I turn 20. Yet while most of my peers are being productive and have part time jobs I haven't even been successful in finding one. Is it worth getting down over the fact I've not gained experience while everyone else was or is this not a productive thing to worry over.

Anonymous 62755

I wouldnt worry about it, different life and different minds lead different lives. You cant compare yourself to anyone else, only compare yourself to you.

Anonymous 62761

i was in your position and it honestly set me back significantly. i wish i had had money in college so i could have traveled and had nice things, and basically not have been dirt poor like a ussr horror story despite being a firstie. and then thanks to the lack of muh experience and muh references i couldn't get a job after college and was unbelievably poor to being borderline homeless despite having an in demand degree.

the world fucking sucks. i wasn't not-poor until 28 (currenly 29). my entire life before this was grinding unbelievable poverty. now i can finally have nice things, but still have poverty habits. i wash my clothes in leftover bathwater instead of paying the coin laundry for example and have a drying rack. so i save what, maybe $20 a month in laundry costs (my clothes last longer though). i never buy coffee out (so many women buy $6 cups of coffee every morning…sometimes twice a day!) i buy whatever food is on sale and get most of my clothes and dishes from goodwill, dont own a car (saves $400+ a month), and cut my own hair (saves $50 a month).

so moral of the story get a job so you don't turn into a penny pinching miser weirdo. when i go to the register at the supermarket almost everything i buy has one of those discount sale stickers on it, every time. i bet the cashier thinks i'm starving to death.

Anonymous 62764

images (1).jpeg

hmm, maybe look at your skills, interests and ambitions rather than compare yourself to your mates, kinda obvious but just throwing it out there in case you needed to hear something along those lines. I've felt the same way for sure at times.
For the record, lots of apprenticeships and trades pay well, are in demand, easy to enter, and are valuable to have under your belt since you're young and able to rack up some extra skills to help towards your dream life. Doesn't have to be hard physical labour or painting and decorating, you could train to be a based electrician or join the merchant navy and travel the world or something, just a thought since there's plenty of apprenticeships and the like out there

Anonymous 62765

samefag but source: I left school and home very young, no education, no safety net etc, I'm 25 now and saving up for land, shit sucks yo but just go for what your heart wants OP, if you hate my apprenticeship idea and just want to lurk the chans all day, look into work-from-home customer service. My ex did that, made a lot for someone our age range, and was a lazy bastard kek
good luck!

Anonymous 62783


What do you do once you have land? Build a house on it? Will you do it yourself?

I am hoping to have about 25k saved up by next year and I'd like to go on a trip and then move somewhere rural in scandinavia where housing prices are cheaper but I am not sure how to go about it.

I'm wondering if I should buy some land and hire someone to build on it (at least the base the walls and wiring etc., I am fairly confident I could do interior myself) or buy a pre-existing house for 100-200k.

I'm worried it's a dumb idea to move somewhere rural and in a different country but housing prices are ridiculous in my home country (a 1 bedroom can easily go for 150k).

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