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The Unrequited Love Thread Anonymous 62853

Is it your best friend, your colleague, or a forbidden dalliance of the classes? Do you have a passing crush, or a lost love?

Some questions

>what made you fall for them?

>what keeps you apart?
>are you sure its unrequited?
>are you still friends? or do you think you can remain friends?
>how often do you think of them, if ever?
>what is the ideal outcome?
>what is a realistic outcome?

Anonymous 62881


>Be me in high school
>Year long crush on cute nerdy guy
>Mentions he wanted to go see twilight to see what all the fuss is about to his friends in class
>Me, twilight fangirl, not even thinking "omg anon it's so good I'll take you"
>"Uhhhh, no thanks I'm good"
>Mortified, cringe at myself forever
>Years of cringing at this moment
>Still stalk him online
>Goes to college, comes out as gay, gay married a fat gross guy
>Have to deal with a fat, sweaty, hairy, poopy, man's butthole being more attractive than me
>become actually physically ill and start gagging irl whenever I'm reminded of my cringe, twilight, this guy, or his disgusting husband
>This happens at least once a week

Fuck you for reminding me

Anonymous 62884


Wait my old gay friend who used to be thin and handsome got really fat once he moved in with his ugoo, fat bf. It's a homomoidcurse, it seems.

Anonymous 62893

The only reason I went to Sunday school/youth group for as long as I did is because I had a very long-lived crush on a boy who was two years older than me and went to a different school (different elementary, middle, AND high school, it was bullshit!). I liked him a lot because he was dorky cute and liked anime (which, back in the 90s/00s, was pretty rare/socially unacceptable). Then one Sunday he showed up to youth group with his girlfriend, so I stopped going. I don't remember crying or anything, just being like "welp" and ghosting. I think having all of that free time on Sundays afterward softened the blow.

Anonymous 62897


thanks I needed a shag kek

Anonymous 62988


im a terf, they are a they, it was destined to fail… no further statements your honour

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