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Anonymous 6298

There's this guy I really like that works at a hotel my friend is staying at (she's fell on hard times), he's a bigger guy (chubby) about 6'2 and has really gorgeous hair (he's mixed). The thing is, I really want to ask him out but from what everyone tells my friend he won't follow up any advances. There's a joke that people call him the saint. I mean I tried flirting, signals, hand contact. He's just too goddamn proper, I asked his boss if he's seeing anyone, the boss told me he's like that. He just likes helping people and being friendly. I'm going to jump this guy's bones if he doesn't wake up, I can't stand it. Is there anything that I can do? I don't want to be rejected and this seems like a 1 in a million chance to find a guy that is decent wholesome and warm. I'm 24 and he's 31 ( yet he looks younger than me) I'm dying over here….

Anonymous 6299

>he's 31
So has he ever seen anyone or is he basically a wizard at this point? Even if he rejects you, there still might be the possibility that he doesn't want anything at all. What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't let this supposed rejection take you down and make you think that you're unworthy of having a qt bf like him. Good luck!

Anonymous 6300

He sounds like a guy who doesn't mix work and dating (which is a good thing tbh), but since you've met him at work he'll probably never give you a chance.

But you never know. Just go for it anon. One rejection isn't too hard to take, is it?

Anonymous 6301

>"Hey, would you like to go to the pub after work?"

Or "bar", as I've been informed Americans call them.

Anonymous 6304

if it is your workplace then be cautious to not fuck anything up. Otherwise I would say to go for it and ask him if he wants to spend time with you after his shift or on an off day. I mean you don't have to ask him to marry you the first time you speak to him. Just make clear to him you find him interesting and you would like to get to know him.

Good luck

Anonymous 6308

Yea, I think I'm going to ask him this friday. Even if I get rejected at least I can say I tried it out. I'm ok with even being friends at first. Thanks for the input.

Anonymous 6310

Go for it!

Anonymous 6470

So, how'd it go?

Anonymous 6471

I bet she didn't do it.

Anonymous 6472

I was dying to know but then I thought maybe the reason she doesn't want to tell is that she didn't succeed

Anonymous 6852

I just remembered I wanted to know how this story ends. I hope there was a happy end and OP just forgot to post about it. Good luck

Anonymous 6870

I'm sorry that I haven't responded, just down. He politely declined, he was really nice about it, but still, made me feel pretty bad.

Anonymous 6895

I am sorry for you and that it did not work out in the end. Next time it will work I am sure.

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