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Anonymous 63062

how does one accept being ugly?
i’m a hideous bio female that has linebacker shoulders, a round face, wide nose w/ a bulbous nasal tip, acne, and narrow hips with no ass. i’m working as hard as i can to fix my acne and gymmaxxing to increase my glute size, but as far as all the other stuff, how do i stop hating myself for being ugly?

Anonymous 63070

It's easier said than done but you'll stop hating yourself for being ugly once you stop putting any value on attractiveness, whether it's your own or other people's.
If you're healthy and your body works like any other body, that should be good enough.

Anonymous 63073

Drawing might help. Get a book called Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain, learn at least the first part of it that is about drawing what you see, then move into drawing self-portraits and portraits of people in general. This is a weird thing, but made me appreciate the human form as a work of art. Some will still be prettier than others, but you will probably end up in good terms with what you got.

Anonymous 63079


The key is learn to stop caring about it.

I wish mainstream cultural messaging would move from “accept yourself! Everyone is beautiful” to “not everyone’s purpose is to look attractive, there are most interesting things about you”.

And there is, anon! And even if there isn’t, then there could be. Here’s the thing: anyone who centers their identity and bases their confidence around their looks are in for a pretty miserable ride. Beauty is transient. It’s bound to fade. Beautiful women invest in declining stock in their youth, and then cry about how socially irrelevant they have become in their old age.

It’s a losing bet! It’s always best whether you’re beautiful or ugly to not invest in this at all — say “fuck you”, understand that your body is a well-performing vessel, and be grateful that it’s healthy, and develop a rich inner (and outer!) life.

Anonymous 63080

>round face
That's cute
>linebacker shoulders, narrow hips, no ass
A lot of models have this body type, lose weight so you get that skelly look
>wide nose w/ a bulbous nasal tip
It's not a big deal, try contouring if you really feel insecure
Makeup, see a doctor

Anonymous 63081

It's not about social status, even if beauty fades, people find love when they're young and pretty, so ugliness hurts your chances at finding a partner.

Anonymous 63086

I understand your frustration, but accepting oneself and getting with good terms with your appearance has nothing to do with this. People who are naturally beautiful and honestly don't care about it (as you just said), usually never learn this and have a hard time getting old (just look at people who do surgeries until they turn into caricatures irl).

Viewing yourself as more than your looks is fundamental like you just said, and not being able to look at yourself in the mirror and be ok with it is something harmful, because it 'passes on', in the sense that your children will probably have the same issues that you haven't dealt. This might also be the reason why some women can't have orgasms during sex, they don't feel comfortable being naked around someone and it is essential to be relaxed.

Also consider that this whole appearance deal is somewhat new, we didn't evolved to be exposed to lots of people like that. And the whole social media thing around it, revolves around an image that most of the time isn't even real, everyone edits their photos.

Even when it is, you are comparing yourself with someone who lives to this (as you just said), their lives are centered around their looks. It is their job to be like that and take photos and whatever. You are somewhat right, but even people who center their lives around it, should get into good terms with their appearance.

Anonymous 63124

is pic rel supposed to be ugly? they're cute

Anonymous 63131

Are you retarded? Picrel literally looks like an average, even pretty woman. You've consumed too much social media.

Anonymous 63132

This, she's adorable. If you look like that, you look really cute. You're just insecure, anon.
Try focusing on changing your mindset or body language if your goal is to be more attractive or charming to others. Keep taking care of your skin and exercising, but don't focus too much on your physical appearance beyond that.

Anonymous 63133


Oh hi anon I’ve seen you on /soc/!
>lose weight so you get that skelly look
She doesn’t need to lose weight. Also OP, your proportions are fine.

Anonymous 63143

Wait that pic is OP? If so, then you’re delusional, OP. You’re not ugly. Far, far from it. You’re really cute.

Anonymous 63153

not her. i found it from her twitter
shit, yeah, i should’ve squiggled out the drivers license

Anonymous 63251

everyone has flaws but youre not ugly. you are cute in fact i wish i looked like you. so i dont think you should worry about being ugly.

Anonymous 63280

Is this gaslighting? If that's you, you are not ugly, at all.

Anonymous 63313

OP already said that's not her. It's literally the third most recent post in this thread.

Anonymous 63349


Anonymous 63352


These right here. STOP idolizing looks and youth, STOP using Instagram and Pinterest to look at eating-disordered/shooped models all day. These images are fake. I know women who used to be effortless skinny with no intentional exercise because of their genetics, but when they became stuck at home due to Covid not only did they gain weight, but their mental health went to shit because all they based their shaky self-esteem on was being the prettiest and skinniest NLOG in the room. Being conventionally attractive won't make you happy if you are mentally ill. Get your emotional life together first.
>bio female
>linebacker shoulders
>bulbous nasal tip
What the fuck are you talking about? You sound like a moid. Get off 4chan and looksmaxxing forums, they are poisoning your mind. Go outside and look at the normal women you see– most people are average, not 10/10 stacies nor "hideous bio females". But they also have personalities, hobbies, and accomplishments to be proud of that add to their charm. This may seem harsh but you need to get some self-confidence, appearances aren't what human relationships are built on and they won't make you happy. If you're interested in becoming more confident and attractive, unironically just start eating healthier, lifting, and meditating.

Anonymous 64130

Clean up your diet and get proper hygiene and your skin might just stop cosplaying as the moon.
Properly train lower body and you can balance your proportions. And when I say properly, I mean properly. If you're not breaking a sweat or seriously challenging yiurself then you kight as well stop going to the gym.
Add a decent personality and interesting hobbies and voila, problem fixed.

Anonymous 64151

Cute feet

Anonymous 64254

what's her twitter?

Anonymous 64264

I have struggled with acne for a long time. Im not a doctor so do your own research but vitamin A and B5 can help your acne and scarring significantly.

Anonymous 64806


>one chance at life
>born a woman
>born an UGLY woman
i hate this. i want to be a cute girl so badly and wear cute outfits but i'm ugly as shit with an awkward body and no motivation or time to work out

Anonymous 64817

Maybe it's the acid talking but you look good woman. Trust yourself.
No one judges you as hard as yourself

Anonymous 64861

>wear cute outfits
yo, fashion isn't closed behind looks, have fun with it

Anonymous 64981


>that OP
I know I took the bait, I can't help it.

Anonymous 64986

what the hell you are so unbelievably cute REEEEEE
idk everyone (maybe only most women) struggles with self-image. Have you been cheated on and dismissed by moids and that's why you think this way? Helpful tip: 30% of moids cheat, and the person they cheat with is often not even more attractive. Probably it was a him issue and you could have been literally perfect and it still wouldn't have mattered.

Anonymous 64987

It's not her you dumbasses

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