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Is it okay to pursue roommates? Anonymous 63751

A few weeks ago, we got a new housemate in the house and I have a massive crush on him. He's good looking, tall, super kind and makes us all dinner, very clean we have a lot of deep and meaningfuls and I think if we were to go drinking, I could pretty easily successfully make a move.
The thing is, I've had roommates in other houses go after me before and I haven't been interested, so it made things super awkward and frankly, awful for me having to avoid people in my own house. So I know how badly this could go if he turns me down.
Have any of you had experiences of hooking up with roomies or trying too, or it happening to you and how did it go?

Anonymous 64419

If you think you truly love him, then go for it.
Let him know and face whatever may happen head on.
Always choose love, anon. Always.

Anonymous 65151

You're asking for suffering and misery. If you have a good roommate don't fuck it up theyre rare. Don't screw yourself, you might have to vet 80k more people before you find something like that again.

Anonymous 65152

She knew him for 3 weeks, I don't think she loves him.

Anonymous 65157

He won't turn you down unless you're very ugly, men don't turn women down.

Anonymous 65165

Don't listen to this retard

If you wanna confess, make sure that he likes your back first. If you don't see any signs, don't do it, it would be too risky.

Anonymous 65215

Booty call isn't love and my guess is she won't like it if it's like this. Moids won't turn you down, but won't always want a relationship tho
And remember that good looking and tall are quite wanted so this probably means multiple girls are into him just because of that (depending on how much tho).
So don't rush unless you want dick from pretty boi

Anonymous 65952


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