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dancing Anonymous 63805

How do you all dance and how can one start? I'm adult and have never.

Anonymous 63811

Building bodily awareness (kinesthesia/proprioception) + building awareness of your muscle groups is a good foundation for learning dance. Do you already exercise?

Anonymous 63818

I tried 5 sessions with a personal trainer (2 times for 2 weeks, 1 time for 1 week), but idk if I liked the trainer. They were all up in my face and I just wanted to work out alone. Also it was just going from machine to machine, so I felt I could just go there and do these machines myself and not spend money to have the trainer just count down next to me. I just wanted someone to show me correct form, but idk if they really even did that. I just expected more. I sometimes judge how people are in daily life and how they probably were in high school. They seemed like the type to laugh at me and feel superior. Paying this trainer was on top of also paying a monthly membership for the actual gym. Other than that, I want to be sexy, so have also signed up for a 6 week pole dancing class. It was fun, but I need knee pads. I have missed 2 out of the first 3 classes, but might just retake the 6 week classes after the remaining 3 weeks. There's no actual dancing, but how to spin on the pole. It's really far to get to though.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 63821

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