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Anonymous 63837

If you had screenshots and proof that someone who groomed you as a 13 year old was planning to rape and groom other underage girls, what would you do?

Anonymous 63838

Besides contacting the police, obviously. I want this piece of shit to suffer.

Anonymous 63839

You could contact his place of work. I'd recommend waiting until after reporting to the police though

Anonymous 63840

For reference, he has a very good job where he earns six figures, and is very close to his family who have no idea about his activities.

Anonymous 63842

Collect the package of evidence and send it to his friends, family, employer – not all at once, maybe spread it out so he doesn't catch on to how much you know and how far you're going to go. You could even get a domain with his name to put all the material there (be careful about security when you set it up) to help reduce the odds of him moving on

Anonymous 63853

What does grooming exactly entail?

Anonymous 63857

Not OP but is this allowed? Can she be punished by the law for it or be fined?

Anonymous 63858

IANAL but AFAIK only if it's false (slander). She should always protect her identity though

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