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Anonymous 63915

Anyone else bisexual, but only wants to be with women? Never been with either, have had a few male orbiters but shut them down without outing myself. It's not for political reasons or anything, I'm just way more attracted to women (and video game men for that matter), in fact I used to think I only liked women until I was like 16-17 years old. Not to mention that I don't want to have to bother with birth control.

Anonymous 63922

Yes. I only like 2d men and I say shit about thinking x male celebrities are hot but once I set to meet men offline, reality hits that I don't want anything to do with them. Thought there was something wrong with me and at some point that I was lesbian. Also got convinced I was some retarded sexuality for a while kek
I really hate that figuring it out was harder than it should be

Anonymous 63962

yeah, but I've wished that I was more attracted to women than I am. I can't imagine myself with a male in any way.

Anonymous 63999

Yes, I only want to be with women for the same reasons you mentioned. And I'm not a political lesbian either.

Anonymous 64011

Let me guess, lithosexual? Been there lol

Anonymous 64018

i'm sexually attracted to women, and with men… they can only psychologically turn me on. it's just easier to feel attraction to women. i can't be attracted to a man purely physically. i could never get off to a dick pic, etc. but the female body is 10/10.

i have an issue with other bi girls lately, though. i'll see a qt 3.14 girl, and turns out, she wants to have a FxFxM threesome . bitch, i have no interest in fulfilling some porn sick male fantasy of having two girls in his bed. it completely ruins it.

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