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Cheating Anonymous 64022

Has anyone ever cheated on you? My ex did, and now I have severe trust issues.

Anonymous 64024

yeah, every-time. i start distancing myself to protect myself because I see something coming; i close myself off because I feel as though I can not trust them, and whether that be amazing foresight and intuition or a self fulfilling prophecy or both, idk, THEN they end up cheating on me because i'm… you guessed it, "distant"

Anonymous 64027

My Boyfriend cheated on me with my Sister :(

Anonymous 64028

Normally I blame the bf not the woman but WTF what a shit sister. Sorry this happened op.

Anonymous 64030

No, I can't be cheated on, if I am a femcel. But the thought of a boyfriend cheating on me makes me physically sick.

Anonymous 64045


Anonymous 64050


My ex did this too. He admitted to me on cheating on a girl in his university by kissing her. He later tried to tell me it was just a hug to gain my trust back. My reaction was probably very cold. It's like I instantly lost my interest for him the moment he admitted to kissing another woman. I just told him to live his life and stopped talking to him. Then we both disapeared from each other's lives and never talked again.

Anonymous 64051

my ex cheated on me and told me by sending me pics of him fucking another girl. I honestly didn't even care, because it made me instantly lose interest in him

Anonymous 64073

First boyfriend. Gave me esteem issues I struggle with today, 14 years removed from the event.

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