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Feeling disconnected from people Anonymous 64637

Everyone just pretends to know me and i cant even prove myself to be intellectually above others due to adhd and my thoughts just being weird, not genius, just creative and anxiety inducing. Im tired of this. All i want is to raise my social status through hard work. All i want is to be an epic sigma lolz i have the fucking mindset but i just cant do it because adhd and people dont understand especially since im a woman they think im just a typical dumbass woman who doesnt want anything more from life and is depressed and anxious because of silly little mundane matters im gonna fucking k*ll m

Anonymous 64639

I really wish i was special but im constantly aware of how little my thoughts matter in an objective sense, how little they do to help me advance in life. Theyre just there, and antidepressants havent killed them. Probably need ritalin

Anonymous 64641

Uh Tlrdrldr ugh creativity is a cringe, anyone relate? :/

Anonymous 64642

Didnt make it all that clear here but i am depressed and anxious because of my wacky thoughts that usually have nothing to do with anything in my surroundings or even current life situation - what people think theyre about. Women typically see when im not really present but men and some women think they know exactly what is going on in my head

Anonymous 64643

Im so sorry for being absolutely fucking retarded

Anonymous 64649

Have you been professionally diagnosed with ADHD or internet diagnosed?

Anonymous 64653

That doesnt even matter, doesnt matter if i use the term adhd or not, i keep focusing on the wrong things and cant keep my mind off them and need something to control my brain

Anonymous 64655

It really does because internet ADHD diagnosis doesn't get you access to Adderall (legally).

Anonymous 64660

this. used to be in the same position as OP, making excuses but then I put the work into getting a diagnosis and now I understand my symptoms better. also doing speed obviously helped.
>I have the fucking mindset but I just can't do it
then you don't have the mindset stop lying to yourself

Anonymous 64721

I accepted that I am special, therefore I am.

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