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why are moids so heartless Anonymous 64767

Got cheated on by the only guy I ever dated, I have told him before how I feared cheaters and if he ever felt out of love, just resolve it thru communication or break up, told him about my abandonment issues and how I was abused/neglected as a kid which made me already have low self esteem. Still the mf did it. How can someone be so heartless? I gave him all my love, respect and was nothing but loyal even tho he was below my looksmatch and had problems of his own. He even cheated on me with this airheaded, frivolous, feminine girl who probably doesn't even love him. I just loathe moids right now.

Anonymous 64770

i'm sorry that happened, anon. i hope you feel better soon. <3

Anonymous 64772

People are heartless. You'll be okay.

Anonymous 64773

Why do people like this cheat? Is it because you told him you feared cheating?

Anonymous 64774

How attractive is he if he could sleep around with another hot girl?

Anonymous 64775

Don't become a typical CCer because of one shitty experience. The first guy you date is always this super particular amazing person you put on a pedestal.

Anonymous 64779

literally what >>64775 said
the first is always somehting special
after you date a few guys he will still be special, but his glow will fade in your eyes.

also cheaters suck :((

Anonymous 64784

You gave too much of yourself away. To have a proper relationship you need to have self esteem, self awareness and good standards. Giving all your love, loyalty and anxieties to someone while having all these issues you need to resolve is a recipe for disaster. You make yourself into a doormat and are treated as such. Heal yourself, know yourself, raise your standards and you won’t get cheated on. My condolences.

Anonymous 64787

>feminine girl
Found the reason

Anonymous 64792

cheating isnt justified with that.

Anonymous 64793

I never said it was JUSTIFIED just why it happened. Moids fall over themselves for the braindead super femme presenting girls. Super feminine is kryptonite for them, even more so if she's dumb.

Anonymous 64812

have you considered the possibility you might be a bad person that doesn't deserve happiness? I don't mean this to be demeaning, I've been feeling that way lately to where maybe it's that I'm just not built to be in a relationship.

Anonymous 64814

we both opened up about our traumas and insecurities but that doesn't give him green light to hit it right where it hurts especially since I never did anything to him, why couldn't I just be awarded little respect to not be treated that way and have an exit that doesn't mess up with my mental state? it's just bizarre to me how people can completely destroy the people that love them over selfish reasons

Anonymous 64816

Unfortunately, some guys lead their lives with their dicks in front, tugging them along like a leash. Guys don't think in the long term about… 95% of the time. I'm willing to wager he cheated not out of being a malicious prick (which he still is just by dint of action) but because he wasn't thinking. He wasn't taking your feelings or his side piece's into account. Hard to when he's got everything he needs right there in the moment.

Take this, think on the red flags and next time, try and Matrix dodge these fucking bullets if/when you're feeling brave enough to try out dating, moid or not. You deserve the chance to be loved.

I suffered this shit as well and my best recommendation is to dissect what you did wrong with as little bias, positive or negative, as possible. Did you overshare too fast? Did you trust him too quick? Was he giving warning signs you just ignored because you were so desperate for intimacy? What were red flags either of you were giving off?

The solution to the problems you can fix start with you.

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