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pain Anonymous 64785

>be me, 19 femoid
>dating a 20 year old dude from the next province over, let's call him J
>both me and bf are friends with this 28 year old from across the country let's call him P
>we both love this guy and see him as a crazy older brother type friend
>me and P have recently gotten quite close, but we've been friends for a while before that
>J and P have met up before and they love hanging out together
>it's just me and P who haven't met up yet
>fast forward to last night
>have a horrific nightmare of P assaulting me and myself getting pregnant from it
>in the nightmare P then stops talking to me for fear J might find out
>wake up crying in a cold sweat
Why would I even have this dream? What does this mean? I love P like a brother and he would never do something like this in real life at all. Why did my subconscious do this to me?

Anonymous 64786

You want his seed

Anonymous 64788

I thought he was gay for a long time because he speaks with that accent. Turns out he is just from Louisiana
I don't see him as anything more than a friend and have never really thought about him like that

Anonymous 64835

I have had many similar dreams in chich my close friends have tried to straight up murder me. In one crazy dream, my cousin had tied me up and was about to cook me in a giant cauldron. Needless to say, that never happened. I'd advice to ignore the dream. They are absurd nonsense and usually mean nothing.

Anonymous 64838

Probably comes from some unresolved trauma. It’s the same reason ppl w ptsd have flash backs even tho the flashbacks upset them, it’s their brain freaking out.

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