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Anonymous 64789

>best friend is 25
>she is excited and telling me about her new moid
>attractive, tall, good job, yes, yes, yes
>he's 35
>red flag for me
>try to drop subtle hints this may not be a good idea
>meet him
>now I have a crush on him and I'm seething and jealous

Fucking kill me

Anonymous 64893

>he's 35
>red flag for me
How's this a red flag?

Anonymous 64896

She's american.

Anonymous 64901

Anonymous 64902

Don't see the problem, 25 is the bar minimum for the "creepiness of dating" rule applied to a 35 year old. Maybe if she was 24 I would question it more, but this is just on the edge of typical social expectations for age gaps in dating partners.

Anonymous 64906

They're deathly affraid of age difference, for some reasons

Anonymous 64908

It’s only in their thirties where men actually get their shit together and are serious about you.

Anonymous 64909

Because they're desperate for a girl to knock up and take care of their kids.

Anonymous 64910

I don't mind age gaps but 10 years is pushing it. My mom and sister married with 10 and 12 year gaps, and their husbands were not too great. My sister's is shit no idea why he's still with him. My dad turned into an old fat man with severe anger issues and my mom was relieved when he died.

Anonymous 65509

Everyone is looking for something. What are you looking for in a dude?

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