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Anonymous 64907

Every time I imagine myself in the near future I don't see myself as anything coherent. My plans are to get a job and to improve the skills I'm interested in, but that's about that. I don't imagine myself raising kids or marrying anyone.

There's a lot of stuff to do besides the most common stuff like family and career. I'm too autistic for either of those things.

But what happens when I've exceeded in things I pursued? books, music, crafts, art, etc., both making and consuming. Is there anything to look forward to?

Anonymous 64912


We happen to be in a similar situation, albeit I am currently a NEET so…
Depending on what is the #1 thing you like, you can always become a master of it and then move the expertise on other areas, as senseless and silly as this sounds!
I myself want to be a good non-fiction general writer and critic. So, assuming I ever become really good, I could always transfer my initial expertise into something else like food/recipe reviews, nature writing, etc. Therefore, in a similar vein, you should be able to master something first so it can be moved to another interest.

To add, looking at what you listed, you can always master geometry per se by creating art first, and then, as you get other skills, you can move this to create visual music you composed with beautiful colors thanks to the color theory you learned while mastering art.

Anonymous 64913

Ah, I'm a bit dumb and sleepy, so pardon me for not responding your question.
Yes, there is still A LOT to look forward to as information, very likely, is going to become endless. So "exceeding" something is kind of impossible in certain things, but not so much in others as long as you're willing to literally create your expertise.

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