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Anonymous 64923

Pick one, and ONLY one.

Anonymous 64924

Tall, I'm not really into men that aren't manly.

Anonymous 64927

This >>64924

The only people into twinks are closeted bisexual men.

Anonymous 64936

Tiny twink, of course. They're more rare and are the counterpart to cute women.
Do you mean closeted bisexual women? Since gay men are obviously into twinks as it's a gay term.
Anyway I'm very bisexual and this is overtly why twinks are attractive to me.

Anonymous 64939

Agreed I need a healthy mix of fem / masc energy but I dont want a buffoon and I rarely feel bisexual. I've met a lot of women who deny they like the cute kinda guy but they get all territorial around them anyway and fume when any woman goes near them.

I hear a lot of denying interest but I think a lot of normal women just chose to stay in the closet about it because they dont want blowback from men they know. :v

I think cute guys are gold standard, and women who deny it are mental.. kinda repressed.. but I wouldn't call them twinks. Was Leonardo di caprio a twink? I would have never have called him that its too simple.

Anonymous 64944

I choose twink without any hesitation

Anonymous 64945

Boys don't need to be twinks to look cute IMO

>Was Leonardo di caprio a twink?

Don't think so, he just used to look quite young, like in Titanic.

Anonymous 64950

just come to europe, there are plenty of cute tall twinks, a utopia is possible

Anonymous 64951

Highly depends on the region of Europe you are referring to. South Europe definitely has a lot more masculine men, I should know I live there. especially guys in the mid-20s through 40+ range. Bless them Roman and Mediterranean genes. I've only seen Northern Europe from travel pictures of friends and there seems to be more lanky and slim guys up there, with the occasional burly viking.

Anonymous 64974

In theory, the most romantic partner is someone of the exact same height, so we're always perfectly matched to hold hands when walking, and perfectly aligned to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes when talking.

In practice, tall.

Anonymous 64976

I like having a partner my height or shorter, and my crush even wishes he was shorter. I've seen way too many tall uggos.

Gimme Twink.

Anonymous 64980

Anon, you both (probably) have elbows, if you're standing side to side and one is clearly taller than the other the shorter one can easily bend their arm up and hold the taller one's hand.

Anonymous 65126

>the shorter one can easily bend their arm up and hold the taller one's hand
>you need to rise up for him, not be equal or have him bend down for you
Good to know tallfags are pickme shitters too, but I should've already known that with >>64924 . FPWP. Unironically.

Anonymous 65270


whatever the fuck this is, yea

Anonymous 65274

What if I don't particularly want any of those

Anonymous 65275

Not any of those anons, but I absolutely loved extending my arm towards my tall (mutual) crush's hair as a sign for him to bend so that I could pet his head. Hottest shit ever.

Anonymous 65565

tall but, depends on what you consider tall. I just want my partner to be taller than me but also is understanding and loving. I am 5'11 and the guys who are taller than me mostly been ultimate assholes let alone being understanding and loving, that being said having a partner that is shorter than you sounds gross, especially when it comes to sex not that I tried

Not being cute and approachable is hell on earth when it comes to finding a partner; some of you have no idea how easy you have it.

Anonymous 65590

I don't want either. I want short AND muscly. Yes, I'm picky and will die alone.

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