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wtf am i doing.jpe…

Anonymous 65015

>invite some people to join a study group with me for a very difficult course
>they all enthusiastically agree and join a gc with me
>invite them to study at a well-known location at a clearly specified time days in advance because we had an exam coming up
>also post a reminder in our gc 30 minutes in advance
>studied at [earlier specified location] for 4 hours alone before going home
>they all ghosted me
>didn't even tell me they couldn't make it
>nobody even bothered lying to me to save face
Why is it so hard to make friends in current year +7? I don't think I acted autistically in this situation at all, and I'm always outgoing, friendly, dressed nicely, not fat or hideously ugly, etc, so what gives?

Anonymous 65016

Sorry to hear anon, hope you ace the course and they fucking fail.

I am really stupid and I once had a classmate assigned to help me study, one day we were going to the public library and they told me they had to make a quick stop at his youth [political group here] and then we could go. I waited by the door of the meeting home for about three hours until I got the courage to ring the bell and ask if he was still going to help me study. He didn't and I flunked the year.

Anonymous 65017

Have you tried inviting them to drink copious amounts of alcohol instead?

Anonymous 65018

Have you tried inviting them to drink copious amounts of poison instead?

Anonymous 65030

No, I prefer to do that alone in my apartment.

Anonymous 65572

That sucks anon, but I don't think it's you. 4 years ago I kind of organised a spontaneous study group for a hard uni course on maths, and I ended up getting a good group of people, maybe 5 or so. There was even a friend of a friend whom I'd seen in lectures but never spoken to, and frankly although idk why he came I'm glad he did because he seemed to know the course material inside out and helped me pass.

I think people have just changed. I don't think there's as much respect for doing well academically, so people don't really study as much as they should (or they just wait til the day before). I also think the whole covid thing has affected everyone's psyche; even if they aren't in lockdown, there's a reluctance to going out that wasn't as widespread as it used to be.

I still think it's rude of them to not even say they couldn't make it, I would've thought people would have the decency to do at least that. Anyway, it's not you, anon. It's just /society/.

Anonymous 65767

wow, what an asshole.

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