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Suicidal anime gir…

Why do random teenage girls laugh at other people in public? Anonymous 65148

I hear it happening to moids all the time but it just happened to me too. I think they fucking followed me home. I had just got back from the gym so I looked like shit, maybe they were calling me ugly and unkempt or something.
It reminded me of when I was in highschool and the "popular girls" would straight up verbally harass people in public, and get away with it because… they were pretty I guess?

Anonymous 65149

Yeah this is something some girls do, particularly the really pretty ones with nice hair and clothes, but they only do it in groups. I can never tell what they say but whenever on the tram or subway if I'm in a cart with a couple of them I can feel their eyes on me and know they're saying and gossiping about me. It makes me want to cry.

Anonymous 65150

Because they know how easy it is to laugh at teenage girls.

Anonymous 67400

While it hurts when i was a teenager i never pay it any mind now as an adult… so don’t feel bad. Remember what it was like when you were their age when i was a teenager i remember being nitpicky and making fun of people for the dumbest things for the sake of it so when teen girls make fun of me my mindset is just “lol stfu u dumb kids..”

Anonymous 67401

Kids are jerks OP. pay them no mind.

Anonymous 67433

This happened to me when i was still in school, now not so much. Or maybe it's because I pay no attention to that because I know how easy it is to disparage their looks and interests too. I mean moids shit on teenage girls all the time because they're the easiest target.

Anonymous 67661

Teenagers harass my sister all the time too. it makes me so mad. I tell her all the time though to notice that they only do that bullshit groups. There's always one little evil fuck masterminding all of it and the others are just self-hating lackeys who don't want to be singled out and are relieved to point the attention away from themselves. In other words, it's just a bunch of losers relieved to be accepted by some psychopath 15 year old who will be cruel to anyone they think they can get away with being cruel towards, and they all work together with their own motives and agendas to just be unpleasant. It usually doesn't have much to do with who they're picking on, and even when it does, why should some highschoolers be setting the tone for how everyone else should perceive themselves anyways?

Anonymous 67662

*in groups

Anonymous 68871

I always worry people think me and my sister are doing this to them because we'll share an inside joke and laugh about it. To counter it I try to subtly emphasize what we're talking about as I talk to her so we don't make people feel self-conscious and they know we're not talking about them. All I can say is you shouldn't assume people are talking about you unless they unquestionably are, if that makes sense. Like they point at you or something. Ironically it's a little bit egotistical if you hear people whispering and assume it's about you, I would know because I'm insecure and used to think that too until my sister came to college with me and I wasn't a miserable, quiet loner intimidated by groups of friends anymore.

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