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Birthday Anonymous 65276

It's my birthday in a few days and I would like to do something nice but I don't know what I could do.
>recently broke up after 4 years and still hurting over it
>recently had to withdraw from college, NEET time now
>no true friends, a few people who like me but I don't feel connected with them
>people are mad about COVID here (leaf) so there's a lot of restrictions still
>live in small town
>don't want to drink or do drugs (I have addictive tendencies) or have casual sex
Does anyone have any ideas? I think I'd feel bad if I didn't do something special and different, but I'm not sure what I can do that'd really set the day apart.

Anonymous 65280

>I think I'd feel bad if I didn't do something special and different, but I'm not sure what I can do that'd really set the day apart.
What do you usually do?

Anonymous 65281

Spending time with your family?
Watching your favorite movies and eating popcorn and ice cream all day?
Finishing that show you really like?
If you like baking making a cake would be nice, I'm not super good but I enjoy it.

Anonymous 65284

>live in small town
Go for a walk anon, it is really reflective. You may feel sad that you did not did anything in your birthday, or that you were alone, but it is better to feel sad than to feel nothing. Godspeed.

Anonymous 65304

Happy Soon Birthday :D

Anonymous 65313

I used to spend the day with my bf and just have fun playing games or chatting, it wasn't particularly unique but it was nice. He'd urge some of his friends to celebrate with us too.
I don't really want to say my age but this year is considered a sort of milestone birthday so I feel like I should have something to look back on.
Thanks for the ideas, I guess a self-care day wouldn't be the worst :)
>it is better to feel sad than to feel nothing
That's an interesting perspective, and I suppose at least if I feel sad then I'll have the motivation to do something instead of doing nothing at all
That's a cool idea! I dunno if we have stuff like that here, but it sounds really lovely.
thank you!

Anonymous 65325

Aren't birthdays so often just making other people feel special and showing how happy you are?

If it's just you, you can just fill the day with doing stuff you love and feeling good. Like having a fun workout and then a really luxurious shower with scrubs and hair masks, and playing games all day or writing stories. Maybe make an awesome birthday lunch like a sushi selection and plum cake. Stuff you like. But you can have a whole day dedicated to making yourself happy without having to impress people! I'm sorry if you're still hurting, but I hope you find happiness on your birthday.

Anonymous 65327


happy early bday be sure to eat lots of cake c:

maybe you should go somewhere for a day out, like a forest or a city for a hike or something. maybe you can even go somewhere nearish (like a restaurant) you've wanted to go for a while.

or you could just go shopping at a mall

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