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Anonymous 65647

>smacks hand on a wall in annoyance
>ends up having to go to hospital to get xray
>greeted by a female wanting to get some details about me
>asks how old i am, i say "i'm alright"
>behind me is a hot male…
can life get any worse?

Anonymous 65654

Did you think you would have ruined your chances with the random hot guy who happened to be near you when your age was asked if you had answered?

Sexuals are so weird.

Anonymous 65841

OP here, No, I misheard & Ruined my chances with touching an opposite species…….m–m-men…

Anonymous 65842

You could've just said you misheard for a second and moved on without making a big deal. I know you must have felt really awkward and embarrassed, but it makes other people not judge you as hard if you quickly move on form your mistakes.

Anonymous 65864

>sitting in hospital waiting area
>watching all the moids go by
>all the paramedics are cute as fuck little compact but ken doll types or sexy lanklets, some blonde and blue eyed others dark and handsome
>all the drs are tall rich looking chads
Wtf I never realized the medical industry is full of such prime manmeat

Anonymous 65865

I’m not ashamed to admit I literally couldn’t take my eyes off this one super handsome EMTs ass as he was talking to the lady beside me. It was so perky and meaty. Holy fuck.

Anonymous 65866

Damn, anons are real horny in the hospital.
>getting chest x-ray done
>have to wear nothing but a hospital gown (and pants)
>x-ray tech gets close and adjusts my arms
>feel flustered

Anonymous 65934

I’ve honestly never seen such a concentration of attractive men in one place irl as I have seen working in a hospital. Hell, even a couple of the patients sitting near me were Chads. Maybe Chads flock to heroic careers that involve saving lives? Like firemen and stuff.

Meanwhile outside of that context I see maybe one good looking guy a week. Maybe this is the ideal place for all miners to find bfs. I also got super flustered when a hot male doctor was examining my chest and abdomen.

Anonymous 66057

My country has mandatory civil service for men once they turn 18 so EMT are all cute teen guys and they all somehow look like my last ex so it makes me incredibly flustered.

Anonymous 66690

Shoulda just laughed at yourself and moved on smoothly

Anonymous 66704

>work gas station graveyard shift
>see the same cute guy come by the same time every couple of days
>start talking and stretching out our encounters
>feel like he's clearly interested in me
>make up my mind to ask for his number
>he stops coming
>months later he comes back
>I get clingy and excited
>start trying to talk to him about things
>realise half way through my sentence he's looking at me life I'm crazy
>tfw he doesn't remember me
>he's walking away and I can see him make a face on camera
>he thinks I'm some overly-friendly autist/lunatic

I wanted to fucking self-immolate right there. He's never going to come back now.

Anonymous 66709

God another thread for self-mutilating idiots? Usually I wouldn't say anything or be harsh but I know this board and its slimy energy. You don't have to think you're dead, all of you already are before you get out of bed.
its like that's the only lane any of you know how to play in, and bring around you. I thought this board was mostly women in their 20s ?? Not 12 and 13 year olds??? I'm not gonna tell you what you want to hear because it would be pathetic.

Tough love etc, unspoken things you should already understand by now.. etc etc. Grow up.
Stop shitting up this board with your basic moron energy.

Anonymous 66715

Does it disappoint you that women your age can be self-mutilating idiots with basic moron enery? Does it embarrass you? Does it?

Anonymous 66718

have you never watched those hospital soap operas? everyone who works there is gorgeous

Anonymous 66722

Just that you'd be pathetic enough to stew in it and spread the mental illness to this board. No not let down but it's a collossal energy drain and unhealthy for everyone involved. If anything it makes me glad I'm not you, but you should know you can start to see improvement when you stop stewing.

Anonymous 66725

Remember, you're not ugly, you're poor.

Anonymous 66752

Broken people are naturally drawn to underground communities like imageboards. Don't complain when the obvious happens, which is that most people here are going to turn out to be more depressed and alienated than the average person, some to the point of self-harm. Also, not everyone was lucky enough to have been taught those "unspoken things you should already understand by now" when they were a child. Besides, only OP talked about hurting herself for real, and another one said it in a non-serious manner..
Fuck off. There's nothing you can do about it anyway, your bitching isn't going to magically make anons' depression or social anxiety disappear.

Well, he can get fucked.

Anonymous 67009

maybe you're overinterpreting things. you're making a lot of assumptions about what he was thinking. not saying you're wrong. but what if he had a long day or was in a hurry, didn't feel like small-talk and you suddenly veering off into personal things or whatever you said irritated him. again, maybe you're exactly right. but you don't really know that so it's unfair to yourself to just assume that that's what happened.
there is a real chance he wouldn't remember you though, normies have a crazy short memory.

Anonymous 67034

literally no one would've cared, you sounds like an socially anxious child.

Anonymous 67037

Normies have chitchat and little conversations like that all the time, its normal for them.

Anonymous 67045

Where the fuck do you live

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