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Anonymous 65664

Anyone else feels like there are no CC women in your whole country?
I really wish I could have an at least semi-irl friendship with a like minded girl, but I live in a place with a disproportionate amount of normies.

Anonymous 65666

Yeah, i think I might be the only russian here.

Anonymous 65667

i managed to find someone from my crappy balkan country so yes, there is hope for you too

Anonymous 65689

>crappy balkan country

Anonymous 65690

hint: one of the non-slavic ones

Anonymous 65691

No way, Greece??

Anonymous 65699

I've seen a few from my country, but I'm too shy to try to connect.

Anonymous 65708


Anonymous 65710

I am pretty sure there is no other CC woman in my small central European country. Even if there were a person, it would hardly be possible to make contact.

Anonymous 65711


I really doubt that there is anyone from my country here, despite quite huge population.

Way too many normie women

Anonymous 65712

Maybe who is comfortable with it can share their country to try and find someone who lives there as well?
I reside in italy lol

Anonymous 65716


i thought so, but i recently met up with one irl and it was very fun and comfy, so i have been proven wrong

Anonymous 65719


it would be nearly impossible - most armenians are normies and most of the few who use imageboards are greasy scrotes.

Anonymous 65748

barely any genuine 4chan users from morocco, doubt there are any moroccan miners here

Anonymous 65751

God I hope there aren't many CC users from my country. I'm the opposite.
not for me

Anonymous 65759

i used to want irl friendships with people from imageboards until I talk to a few of them and - surprise - one of them is a psycho.

no thanks i already have people irl who've threatened to murder me, no need for more

Anonymous 65760

Not the person you're responding to but I reside in Turkey lmaoo

Anonymous 65771

I’m pretty much hiki now but when I went out from time to time like on the subway or whatever I would see a slightly dishevelled self conscious shy girl with her hair covering her face looking down at the floor or her phone and body language tensed up. I always wanted to go up and talk to them but I know it would just make us both uncomfortable. For some reason I always feel like other girls pull off the shy hiki slob look much better than me. I would love a shutin hiki female friend to occasionally meet up for coffee or whatever (and then we both end up cancelling it due to our anxiety lmao). I can’t hang out with normie women because when I tell them I don’t work or have a boyfriend they look at me as if I just took a shit in front of them.

Anonymous 65772

Yeah I’ve seen a couple other loser type girls and they can look cute and often don’t seem to have any real jarring facial or body flaws that would make it obvious as to why they are so self conscious. In comparison I just feel like a gross ugly ogre around others most of the time and I feel like my ugliness makes it super obvious as to why I have no friends or irl bfs.

Anonymous 65778

I don't expect to find women like me anywhere. :|

I've just made peace with it

Anonymous 65779

Oh my god more of this
I'm so sick of reading people talking like this on here its the worst.

Anonymous 65781

Go back to FDS if you want a yas kween circle shlick then. This board is mostly for outcasts and loser girls who need to vent because every other female internet space is a fake positivity hugbox.

Anonymous 65806

chanceuse va

Anonymous 65814



Anonymous 65815

Are there any latvian anons?

Anonymous 65820

cute space reimu.j…

When I look at all those cute cafes and friends talking there I am so jealous. I want girlfriends to hang out with and try the latest food fads.

Anonymous 65832


Same. But then I realize I wouldn't be happy with them. We wouldn't connect properly and I'd feel out of place. I don't see it as a failure on my part or as if the other "types" of girls are better or worse than me. We're simply too different and not on the same wavelength.
The ideal would be a CC-like girl friend group, but that's impossible irl.

Anonymous 65856


Anonymous 65867



Anonymous 65881

Nope, see >>65856 but Hello there neighbour!

Anonymous 65887


East or west? I'm pretty far west, almost in switzerland really.

Anonymous 65891

Sounds lovely, I live in the far east.

Anonymous 66001


Dang. Well at least you know you're not the only austrian here.

Anonymous 66040

you're on the wrong website sweetie

Anonymous 66675


Anonymous 66683


What do you mean with "CC women"?
Depending on what you want, you could always go to an anime con and hang around with fujo artists, or a radfem meeting?
I myself could find a CC woman by going to the city anime con, albeit it is likely they could be underage, and I don't want that.

Anonymous 68491

I'm from greece wish I trusted this site…

Anonymous 68500

I live in Colombia, I guess I REALLY know how you feel.

Anonymous 68504

I had a CC-like girl friend group but we went to a weird kind of school that socially isolated us. Most of them normed out as they grew up and the ones who who didn't don't meet up because of how they are.

Anonymous 68809

Any CC girls from India? I mean actually from India and not girls of Indian parents in other countries. It feels as if I am only one. I would like to connect with y'all

Anonymous 68814


It would be fun to go to a county fair or an anime con with someone on here. I always go to the fair alone because I love the rides, but it’s also kind of sad. But I’d probably get cold feet and cancel because of my anxiety.. and I don’t have the mental energy to maintain friendships without being a flake. Maybe there are a couple CC girls here in Cali since it’s so populated here, but idk.

Anonymous 68816

What was the school like? I also went to a “weird” private school where all classes were 1 on 1 with the teacher. I definitely wouldn’t have graduated if it weren’t for that school, so I’m happy about it.

Anonymous 72536

in usa but i live in a military city and all women are married to military men and almost all housewives. no one could ever get down with the cause.

Anonymous 72814

anyone from belgium?

Anonymous 73045

im american, so im sure there are a lot ccposters here but im a (recovering) neet.. and i dont think a lot of topics that would make me think someone is a cc user would come up irl anyways. when the site gets more developed and there are safety measures in place i would go to a meet up, but i havent even shared my discord tag in the friend finder thread

Anonymous 73107

What in the fuck are these !

Anonymous 73108

I must know :<>

Anonymous 76068

Yea me:) from oost/west vlaanderen

Anonymous 76081


Anonymous 76089

i don't think it would be that strange to find a fellow argentinian girl here , now that i think about it

Anonymous 76120

Anyone else from the Netherlands?

Anonymous 76123

you wanna meet up in Bucharest?

Anonymous 76157

rialkkuma room.png

any cute girl from Chile? pls

Anonymous 76168

Holaa yo soy Chilena pero vivo en Argentina

Anonymous 76169

Are there any CC-girls in New Orleans? I would love to go out and talk with someone like that.

Anonymous 76170

Hola! Quiero visitar Chile y Argentina para ver mi familia pero es muy caro viajar de USA :( vives cerca de Buenos Aires o el sur? Te gustas vivir en Argentina o Chile más?

Anonymous 76172

Si wn está bien caro. El pasaje son 1000 dólares. Prefiero Chile, no me gusta mucho Argentina. Estoy en BSAS, pero me quiero ir a Mendoza.
A ti te gusta USA?

Anonymous 76182

Si, me gusta mucho pero nunca he vivido en otro país. Mendoza parece bonito, que quieres hacer allá?

Anonymous 76191

How is Argentina?

Anonymous 76193

Never been, but my mom tells stories of constant windy days in the south and foraging for mussels by the ocean. Also penguins :) Clean water is hard to come by there. Her family had a lot of gauchos which is pretty cool. BSAS doesn’t seem that great but I’m not a city person. I bet the other nona can tell you about fun on the public transit.

Anonymous 76195

>Clean water is hard to come by there.
Maybe in the past but not now.

Anonymous 76196

Hay mucha naturaleza y esta cerquita de Chile.
It's a beautiful country with great food. People love banter and might cross as snobby, but they're not. The best thing is probably the diversity when it comes to landscapes.
We have clean water LOL

Anonymous 76201

Re:water I didn’t mean the whole country, just the part my family lives in way south.

Anonymous 76210

Thank you. My country is at war and i'm planning an escape to Argentina because as far as i know they don't deport anyone. Don't know If I'll be able to handle it but I don't really have a choice. Really scared that I will die there when money run out or something worse. My work is online and i lost an ability to work because nof economic blockage. Sorry to dump all this here i'm kinda of desperate

Anonymous 76858


Anonymous 76950


Pero si Chile está lleno de chicas raritas. A veces hasta me hace sentir como una más del montón.

Anonymous 77005


Any Brit miners here?

Anonymous 77339


I know there are a lot of CC women in Poland since we had a nice long thread going until it got deleted. It's a nice sense of solidarity to know there are polish nonkas always somewhere out there

Anonymous 77340

>Ctrl+F Ukraine
>Phrase not found
Am I the only one left and all other anons from here have gotten killed by missiles?

Anonymous 77341

No, you're not the only one, привіт!

Anonymous 77342

Привіт! Сподіваюся, що ти в безпеці

Anonymous 77343

Так, тут досить безпечно. Сподіваюся, що ти також

Anonymous 77344

what da dog doin?

Anonymous 77415

Hi, I’m another fellow Chilean , wish I could make some friends here :(

Anonymous 77418

Не знаю, чи ти це прочитаєш, але якщо тобі потрібна компанія досить сором'язливої, дивної та останнім часом дещо засмученої людини, то це було б добре. У мене майже нема з ким спілкуватися, тому досить самотньо зараз

Anonymous 77423

I have a general question for you and other posters in the thread.
As a European that only on rare occasions visits CC, why do you ladies visit if you are regulars? Imo the problem with the site is the same as with most anglophone internet - it's dominated by Americans and their views, opinions and talking points, which I find both boring by themselves and by the fact how ubiquitous and overexposed they are (and how little applicability they have outside of the Anglosphere, especially where I am average opinions rarely match or are similar).
Aren't there similar sites in your local languages?

Anonymous 77432

There are no sites like this in my language, every imageboard is politics, spam, fap threads, no gf threads, and more politics. They are also all male-dominated, of course. The biggest imageboard of a neighboring country has a woman-only board but the audience is a thousand times worse than the worst posters here (I'm suspecting that it's all just trannies and men trolling by pretending to be women). I'll take 'muricans on Crystal Cafe over semi-braindead people on local sites anytime.
Is it not like that for everyone, though? I don't think I've ever heard anyone (from english speaking board selection of people lol) refer to a local imageboard as good.

>досить сором'язливої
>останнім часом дещо засмученої людини
>досить самотньо зараз
Те ж саме. Пиши: i_return @ null.net (без пробілів навколо @ звісно) можемо пізніше перейти у телеграм, якщо захочеш

Anonymous 77433

>Is it not like that for everyone, though? I don't think I've ever heard anyone (from english speaking board selection of people lol) refer to a local imageboard as good.

I wasn't referring to image boards specifically.
I've always found local online communities better than English ones since I've been on the net (~2006) regardless of 'topic' of the forum (though yes women only places can be pretty bad).
Come to think of it the only English forum I really like is mostly foreigners and with the largest group being Polish.

Anonymous 77437

Interesting. What country are you from if you don't mind me asking? Non-imageboard local sites basically don't exist around here or are heavily political, making them same as imageboards; there are some communities on mainstream social media but they're generally worse than international stuff. Sometimes I find a reference to a good site but then it turns out to be dead.

Anonymous 77443

Balkan EU Slavland.

Anonymous 77452

Would love to meet a CC woman from Serbia or any slavic country as most of girls I know irl are insanely normie or just completely americanized.

Anonymous 77455

Maybe I am just an ameriaboo deep im my heart
Actually, if there are some common, more abstract themes being discussed, I wouldn't say it's alien for me - I mean, we're all human
While we do have a lot of various imagebords, they all suck
Well ok: some of them are fine-ish, but most popular ones are just blegh
Also I am very tired of moidosphere ib culture, so it's often painful just to read some of them

There is an anonymous forum with mostly adult women posting, it is ok, but sometimes I feel they are too "normie", even though the site overall is kinda geeky

Anonymous 77580

Nona tum akeli nahi ho <3

Anonymous 79483

Honestly all of you are holograms anyway.

Anonymous 79556


True, picrel is the actual CC meetup

Anonymous 79566

>>I love fujos and terfs but I gotta admit it's just not the same. I've hung with both crowds and from my experience, they're not exactly like cc women. first, there's little to no overlap between the two, most fujos are genderoids who would doxx you if you called their 2d trap waifu a he and a lot of terfs just wanna talk about male degeneracy and nothing else and will likely drop you if you do anything they deem too cumbrained like watch porn. second, i feel like the social outcast aspect of cc women is what most people here mean when they say they wanna befriend someone similar to them. even though fujos and terfs are "oucasts" online, most of them probably still lead socially active normie lives and girls here probably want friends who are also hikineets or at least can relate to a similar lifestyle.

Anonymous 79569

i met my now best friend irl at an lgb event and she showed me cc

Anonymous 79616

>>I love fujos and terfs but I gotta admit it's just not the same. I've hung with both crowds and from my experience, they're not exactly like cc women. first, there's little to no overlap between the two, most fujos are genderoids who would doxx you if you called their 2d trap waifu a he and a lot of terfs just wanna talk about male degeneracy and nothing else and will likely drop you if you do anything they deem too cumbrained like watch porn.
I feel this. It's hard to find girls that are somewhere in the center like I am so I've just kinda stuck to hanging out with guys since they're easier to get along with. It does make me wish I had girl friends to talk about girl stuff with though.

Anonymous 79617


Any boston CC girls?

Anonymous 79620


me nona

Anonymous 79623

0 romanians… yet again…

Anonymous 79643

I relate too. I wish more people were in the middle ground. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells to not offend either of those extremes and that's no way to live. Wish there were more places for women like us.

Anonymous 79674

Yeah, it's a bit crazy that a middle ground is hard to find nowadays when terf views are literally just normal feminism that Usamericans on the internet recently decided is evil.

Anonymous 79675


Any nonas from Washetnaw? I haven’t lived in the USA for a suuuper long time but it definitely has a much higher chance than Morocco.

Anonymous 79726


Anonymous 79735

nona sois mon amie :(

Anonymous 81047

No slovaks either:(

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