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Anonymous 6606

Which emotions does this photo evoke in you?

Anonymous 6607

he looks like he is trying to think of something to say.

Anonymous 6616

Boredom. He looks like a shitty 90's Chad actor in a shitty 90's teenage movie.

Anonymous 6617

Noe I imagine the shitty teen movie to be about him trying to woo a nerdy pretty girl and this look is when he gets rejected by her

Anonymous 6618


Anonymous 6649

Begone, r9k.

He looks dead.

Anonymous 6659

It makes me want to do my part. Service guarantees citizenship. Sign up today.

Anonymous 6660

>the "We have to talk" face
feelings of anxiety and disquietude. Begone inner peace!

Anonymous 6676

What I really want to know is the context of the picture. What was really happening there?

Anonymous 6728

I can see that he is a conventionally attractive guy, although I'm not particularly attracted to him. I agree with what >>6616 said. However something seems sinister about this thread, now I'm thinking that he's a known criminal or something

Anonymous 6736

It's Casper Van Down in his role as pvt Rico of the Federation Mobile Infantry. You can see from his collar he's wearing standard issue non-combat uniform. I don't recognise the scene so it might be from cut footage or an interview- his hair is never that messy in the film.

Anonymous 6739

I wish to know more

Anonymous 6753

oooh thanks anon

Anonymous 6798

my peepee is tingel

Anonymous 6817

Nerdy girls aren't allowed in movies. It's a pact between men that to keep women out of STEM that no woman can ever be shown. Unless you mean "nerdy" used as a fashion statement.

Anonymous 6819

Would you like to know more?

Anonymous 6834

Anonymous 6847


solid flick, carl sagan is a G

Anonymous 6848


Anonymous 7641

Big sexy Germanic white guy with blonde hair blue eye square jaw stronk arms mmm delicous my favorite

Anonymous 7644


>very pretty boy with an innocent stare

oh u know exactly what emotions this evokes in me

Anonymous 7645

I don't know why but something about his face reminds me of a psychopath.

Anonymous 7647

nothing. he looks like a meme

Anonymous 7668

but what if he treated you good

Anonymous 7687

this is a really stupid assumption. would you rather have an unattractive incel who didn't take care of himself? he'd probably treat you like shit too, maybe even worse than a Chad.

Anonymous 7699

robot incel detected
>p-please date me instead of chads i'm a nice guy

Anonymous 7701


if you're so scared and paranoid about being hurt, cheated on and all that other stuff by a guy, then why don't you just go bi? a girl should be fine too, no?

Anonymous 7704

What? She's describing the hypothetical man, not herself.
I think she just needs to get over her fear of men, even if it means becoming a ballcrusher. Better to hate what you cannot understand than fear it.

Anonymous 7705

They sound like a robot pretending to be a woman and talk about how hot guys (Chads as they would say) are all assholes, and how women only like assholes like that.

Anonymous 7706

They are rather oddly alike in ideals. Probably still a girl, though. A dumb one, maybe. I bet if she went and sympathised with the virgins, they'd really tell her something!

Anonymous 7709

>reee get out
that or she'd get some thirsty orbiters who ask for contact info

Anonymous 7710

>blonde hair blue eyes square jaw
aryan ideal. some neo-nazi fetishist probably faps to this guy.
he's not really my type but i can see this picture being used as a reaction image indicating disbelief or 'ishygddt'

Anonymous 7711

>he'd cheat on me and end up leaving me
cook for him and make him fat so he drops a few points on the attractiveness scale. this will also raise your value in his eyes because cooking/cleaning will make you seem like great wife material.

Anonymous 7712


reminder that this is what this dude looks like now
also his career is made-for-tv-movies tier and he's been divorced twice.
He tried to make a reality TV show about marrying his second wife (who was literally royalty) but it flopped as hard as their marriage did.
disclaimer: i am still going to watch it to see whether my initial assessment of this guy being an enormous jackass is correct or not.

Anonymous 7721

>cook for him and make him fat
>he gets buff

Anonymous 7722


>she'd get some thirsty orbiters who ask for contact info
I wonder how many of them would ever step up to the plate.

Anonymous 7724

He gives me Jeff Dahmer vibes. Nice looking but deadly, I pass.

Anonymous 7725

Fuck, anon-chan. kek

Anonymous 7731

I'm not saying there aren't guys who are in between. But being too worried about a guy leaving you because he's super attractive sounds like low self esteem, and that in general you care too much about your own looks and his, when there so many other reasons people stay together or leave. Like what if he's average looking but has a ton of money or some unique talent or quirk that other girls lust over? Or if he's looks like a nice normie but ends up being a dark triad? Guys like pic related aren't the only ones who will do you dirty.

I find both Jeffrey Dahmer and this man very attractive which fucks me up because they both look like my late uncle that I thought was cute when I was little

Anonymous 7737

All you gotta do is make sure he fills up on fats and carbs instead of protein. Paula Deen route.

Anonymous 13924

Sad cuz I’ll never have a qt aryan bf like that

Anonymous 13958

Doesn't evoke anything. Just an image of some random dude on the internet. Next.
[spoiling]Is this supposed to evoke anything? This thread reads like poor bait from an outsider trying to validate whatever stupid incel theories he has.[/spoiling]

Anonymous 13959


>fucked up my spoilers

Anonymous 14061

He's a collection of pixels like everything else. I don't feel any particular way about this image. There are few things that make me feel, and nameless men are not among them.

Anonymous 14062

I think this is a thinly veiled evaluation of our facial emotion recognition skills.
If you're still around, OP, how many of us got it right?

Anonymous 14063

Makes me think of how I’m from Buenos Aires and say kill ‘em all.

Anonymous 14264

Come on you apes! You want to live forever?

Anonymous 14408


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