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Anonymous 66061

I've been on the internet daily talking to strangers for over a decade now and my brain is fried to the point of no return, I haven't been able to make that many online friends in the last three years and the few I had/made are almost all gone because I've been working on myself and making IRL friends and started to see that these few people treated me badly and I was wasting my time talking to them… Still, I can't really live without reporting everything I do and every small thought I have to some audience, my experience with discord servers in the last two years was even worse than five years ago and I don't know where to find servers that I could fit in without feeling uncomfortable; I wouldn't be comfortable spamming in say a CC server or to someone, I met through CC because there is always the possibility that I could get my doxx and personal info posted all over.
That being said I've been considering maybe going on /soc/ despite it being leagues worse but I saw miners talk about meeting nice people through /soc/.

maybe it's a good thing that it's harder to meet people online and connect with them now, maybe it's about time I start wasting less time talking to strangers and focus on my IRL relationships only but I can't help but feel an itch and a need to text someone and share the memes I found with and my IRLs ghost me for days at a time and the handful of online people I have left are no different when it comes to ghosting.
I crave attention so much, should I start posting my life on twitter and instgram??

Anonymous 66114

Sending you a hug OP! Just keep putting yourself out there, as they say, there's billions of people and you're likely to meet people with the same social needs if you are actually around them, whether offline or online. Sites with accounts are good, (I hate reddit) but, reddit does give the option to message people privately and just say you like their post and want to be friends. (A bit old fashioned, but tried and true) Above all, try female-oriented message platforms, there is one where you can update your status with dumb shit whenever to an audience of confirmed females, and some others that are more facebooky. Either way, plenty of options! I don't post anything anywhere and haven't for many years but I enjoy seeing other people's random shitposting and getting to know them that way, we are two sides of the coin. Best of luck ya crazy extrovert

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