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Anonymous 66115

Do ugly girls get matches on tinder and other dating apps?? Or is it like ugly guys where you go months without matches or atleast get very few.

Anonymous 66116

You'll get matches, whether they're quality matches is a different story however.

Anonymous 66117

you're going to get the guys who throw messages at literally everyone and they're going to hope you don't actually respond

Anonymous 66118

When I was uglier I got a lot of matches but they'd never reply to my messages or just Un add me once I got their Snapchat and showed more of my face. Try to be less ugly is my advice.

Anonymous 66119

Feels wonderful when they match me and immediately unmatch

Anonymous 66122

obviouly, since there are men who mass swipe on everything. You will obviously get unmatched though, and even if you won't, the men in question will want to pump and dump you.

Anonymous 66130


Damn all I’m getting from this is I guess I’m not ugly. I can act crazy af and dudes still don’t unadd me. I just assumed if you were attractive guys act a lot better but apparently the only act slightly better.

Anonymous 66276

This right here.

Anonymous 66645

why do you think they do that? It used to happen to me all the time and I don't understand why, perhaps they just swipe right on everyone and then check if they like the girl or not, kinda sucks.

Anonymous 66680

I got matches but they were all trying to use me for sex. If that's what you're going for then yeah you can get matches and get fucked doggy style so they can't see your face.

Anonymous 66693

It's always men who are either desperate for sex or want a personal mother/maid/sex doll without having to put any effort in themselves.

Instead of dating apps it's better to get hobbies and join clubs where you can meet people in real life to find a boyfriend. It takes longer but they're more likely to genuinely enjoy your company, less likely to pump and dump. Tinder doesn't really work for ugly women because the #1 thing that matters is how surface level attractive you are.

If you just want sex then you will still get matched but don't be surprised when the men willing to sleep with you are human filth.

Anonymous 66729

Lots of men swipe right on everyone without even looking at them first. They do this, because the majority of the women wont match with them anyway, so this is more efficient. Once they have gone through mass swiping they can see who is actually willing to go with them. At that point they actually look at the profiles and then unmatch ones they don't think are worth it.

Anonymous 66785

>get hobbies and join clubs where you can meet people in real life to find a boyfriend.
What sort of club do you people join that's not just full or retired men and catty 40+ year old women who won't shut up about their 12 year old sons?
Maybe it's just an America thing but almost anything related to clubs hobbies and volunteering is either for senior citizens or underage kids. Maybe I am just a retard and not looking at the right places could any club/hobby anons who met their bf there give examples?

Anonymous 66786

I meant to add, I am from Western Europe, not America.

Anonymous 66792

In my personal experience, I don't get any matches.

Anonymous 67309

Seconding, I live in a small town and the only activity groups are for seniors

Anonymous 69993

Honestly, not really. I am mixed (black/white), so maybe my experience is different from a fully white woman. I also only ever used Bumble and OkCupid (I don't anymore because I got a boyfriend in a really unconventional way that I won't even mention because it's not worth your time). Very few men swiped back on me even though I swiped on a lot of different types of guys in a broad age range. Men that DID swipe back quickly found that I am boring (at least before you get to know me) and that I wasn't interested in hooking up. I did get a bit more swipes when I changed my looking for hookups/short-term relations instead of just looking for long-term relationships. I didn't really talk to those guys because they quickly unmatched or I just couldn't make myself interested in them because they only matched AFTER I changed my thing.

Many men will have sex with a lot of different types of people, but they aren't interested in ugly and plump girls for long-term relationships unless they are specifically attracted to plump girls or are attracted to your unique, ugly features. BTW I know I am ugly because I am able to maintain friendly relations with moids irl without them crushing on me because I am just not attractive like that. Even an online moid said "She's not very cute, but she's very funny" to a group of people.

Dating apps are not for ugly people. It sucks, it really does. Even friend-making sections of dating apps, like Bumble BFF or whatever the fuck it's called. I have a painfully difficult time making friends, so I followed my sister's advice of making a profile on Bumble BFF and I literally matched with a single person and when I messaged them, they unmatched me.

Anonymous 69994

>Dating apps are not for ugly people.
Dating apps shouldn't exist period. They only encourage people to act like pieces of shit, and to make you feel bad. They profit off people's loneliness.

Anonymous 73768

This is EXACTLY what happens.
The match rate for moids is abysmal for dating apps.
They literally say yes to everyone and then pick through whoever said yes like scavengers half the time.

Anonymous 73789

Lol men b scavengers

Anonymous 82931

A lot of apps like tinder and bumble show them a blurry version of the person who liked them, so some guys just match with girls they have no interest in, just to verify that she was that girl.

Anonymous 82932

Lol no. They proved men swipe on more women but when they get matches they only talk to the highly attractive ones. They also reply to and contact their matches much less than women reply to and contact theirs.

Anonymous 82933

Question: why are you guys bumping this thread?

Anonymous 82936

Why not?

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