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Anonymous 66169

Do any other bigger girls hattteee when people single out your face as pretty? Like you know exactly what their hinting at. It makes me wanna scream. Allll the damn time I hear how if I lost weight I’d be a 10, like I honestly should give a shit about that.

Anonymous 66170

same but for me they hyperfixate on how curvy my body looks in a good wat and how my fat face doesn't go along with it at all, me not sleeping and having dead racoon eyes,thin hair and big glasses doesn't help either. i know i should lose weight in general to feel more confident and think less about how other people perceive me but all my friends literally became so hot in college its like a flip switched they were all suddenly dressing and looking like some instagram influencer. which while it is cringe its nice to see them feel good about their body and looks and showing it off but knowing i will probably never have the chance to feel like that kind of stings me

Anonymous 66176

That’s got to feel a little worse I’m sorry! I know what it feels like to be objectified in that manor and it’s not good. But you definitely deserve waaayyy better. Have you tried any different shampoos or hair treatments?? I know a couple of things that can help. Also big glasses are cute, just dress to your own strengths. Honestly you don’t have to lose weight to feel confident. Find some clothes that make you feel fantastic and just try different things you’ll get there!
With me I’ve been lifting weights just cause I want to be actually intimidating. But the more weight I lose, the more attractive guys hit me up. I know I should take it as a compliment a momento to my hard work but it makes me cringe. Like the last date I went on I was laying on his lap and he started at my face for a moment and then goes you really do have a pretty face. Like he was trying to justify finding me attractive.

Anonymous 66179


lol at least he was polite about it, this guy was staring at my face for a solid 5 minutes and i thought he would say something romantic and then he was like you really look like mickey mouse kek, another guy told me i look like a potato bruhh,you can't even act hurt by stuff like this because it's just "playing around" and not going along with the joke makes you a difficult person, istg im so tired of being the butt of the joke just because im a chubber
For my body type cardio and HIIT is much more effective than lifting but I've just been sad and slumped with work these past few months and don't have the energy to do any physical excercise, i still try to go on walks as much as i can and i hardly eat any fast food or junk in general because asian mom no rike outside food so i guess the chubby is just genetic, im not overweight but because most of my fat deposits on my face and neck and thighs people assume i am
i have an extremely shitty fashion sense too lol i think i dress like a soccer mom but most of my clothes are bought by my mom and i just keep pushing a "wardrobe flipup" to the hypothetical future where i am skinny enough to wear what i like, i have been using medicinal hair oils and protein shampoos since my hair thinning is pretty recent and its been pretty meh, i think i might have some deficiencies lol

also same ive been rubber banding from being skinny fat to chubby since highschool and noticing the sheer difference in how people treat you and which people hit you up has been really eye opening, i became really disillusioned with men in general when like the guy that called me a buffalo 6 months ago was now trying to flirt with me, its just disgusting and also uncomfortable, when you're not used to any attention in that way at all and then suddenly it comes in a wave, it is technically a good thing but the two-facedry is just so off putting also uncomfortable when you're an introvert in general

Anonymous 66209


Okay I need to know who these guys are. I swear I just wanna talk.

Anonymous 66278


So…. Why don't you just lose weight then? Like I really don't get why fat people complain so much about this when you can just lose weight. Like, just stop being fat if you don't like the consequences of being fat. It's not even something you can't change, so I don't feel sorry for you like I do ugly/short/deformed/whatever people. My ears are deaf to your complaints. Just lose weight.

Anonymous 66303

Your ugly and skinny I take it??
Well get plastic surgery, learn how to use makeup.

Anonymous 66304

Already done. Unlike you I solve my problems with the means I have. At least you only need to hit a gym.

Anonymous 66309

Apparently it’s not working cause your still here

Anonymous 66310

Yes indeed, shitposting in my free time, giving advice to those less fortunate to me.

Anonymous 66363

Losing excess weight will objectively improve your life.
Makeup and plastic surgery aren't guaranteed to do that
It's obese peoples choice to stay like that and their lack of self control, ugly people are born ugly, they don't get to choose.

Anonymous 66365

Makeup literally only exists because moids have convinced women that they're naturally ugly. Not wearing makeup is the superior move.

Anonymous 66404

Based and extremely true.
Women are so much cuter without makeup, too.

Anonymous 66406

Could just be that the guys are immature and scared to say how they feel. Personally I still wouldn't risk flirting with someone like that

I agree, sorta. I get annoyed at complaints like OPs, if losing weight would make me a 10, and being a 10 were something I desired, I'd lose weight. With that said, I just don't care if I'm not a 10, it goes back to the idea that you can please some of the people some of the time, etc etc… The right person will come along. So I take it that OP is just complaining about men in general, I guess that's fair, men are pigs, sometimes. Sometimes when people say ou have a pretty face they just mean that you have a pretty face. I don't think the people complimenting your face would come up and say "you have nice tits" or "you have a sexy bod" even if itnwere true (I know men do this but it's pretty uncommon these days unless you're somewhere where people are drinking). Again maybe I'm just jealous cause I'd kill for a pretty face (please don't recommend I throw thousands into plastic surgery just to look like a monster with human features)

Anonymous 66409

If you're fine being fat, cool for you, just don't pretend you aren't a fat piece of shit and expect me to not treat you like a fat piece of shit. Troon-tier behavior.

Anonymous 66422

Except some people are porn with actual problems that affect their weight and also genetics play a huge part.
Big facts, most of the guys I talk to haven't seen me with makeup on. Plus if you wear it a bunch it causes acne
Well I’ve been overweight since I was a child. Yeah I hold my weight well but if I lost loads of weight, I would have lose skin and stretch marks. I wouldn’t be perfect. Yeah I got lucky having a pretty face but it doesn’t mean I don’t get treated poorly or go through shit. Like I get where your coming from. Yes I could change myself but I shouldn’t have to for superficial reasons. I have started eating better and exercising but that’s just cause I wanna be built like a frat boy. I just wanna be intimidating not a 10.

Anonymous 66423

I honestly feel just kind of bad now. You guys have it roughh. I literally post on Snapchat about needing a gym bf so he can help me at the gym and 15 dudes send pictures of their muscles and act like pick me guys. Idk what it’s like to be actually ugly. I’m really sorry

Anonymous 66424

>Except some people are porn with actual problems that affect their weight and also genetics play a huge part.
It certainly isn't their fault that their genetics are shit, but it is certainly their responsibility to deal with it.
>Yes I could change myself but I shouldn’t have to for superficial reasons.
There's no way to argue with this, but pray tell, what would be a non-superficial reason to lose weight?

Anonymous 66436

oh my god girl teh soccer mom aesthetic is goals can you post some of your wardrobe??

Anonymous 66437


>genetics argument for the 1,382,482,283rd time this year for the past decade
>having a healthy maneuverable body is superficial
I really do love how any argument trying to mitigate or defend obesity falls flat on its face every time and those who are obese reflect that they're pieces of shit who can't keep their trap shut, always stuffing some garbage in their face ever-consuming.

Anonymous 66443

>if I lost loads of weight, I would have lose skin and stretch marks
I don't believe that you personally are capable of committing the time and energy necessary to lose weight fast enough for this to be an issue. Just work on losing any weight at all, and your weight loss will be so slow that your skin will keep up with it.

Anonymous 66451

Food addiction, like every other addiction is usually caused by underlying unhappiness or mental health problems.

Anonymous 66453

Also there’s proof that the gut microbiome in obese people is different than that of skinny people and that certain bacteria increase likelihood of obesity. When you share eating utensils, cups, etc you share bacteria with family members and partners, which is likely why obesity tends to run in families or fat couples tend to both be fat. Its doesn’t help that processed foods are literally full of crap and antibiotics and harsh chemical additives that kill off good bacteria and some people’s guts are particularly sensitive to these chemicals. Of course overeating and not exercising enough will always be the main cause of obesity, but the food and medical industry definitely contributes to it too.

Anonymous 66457

>you can catch the fat
Source of this happening?

Anonymous 66458


Our gut flora is mostly inherited from our parents. Families and partners and other people in very close contact inevitably end up exchanging bacteria which means certain strains can invade and potentially colonize your gut and affect your health.

Anonymous 66459

You triggered the moids and ana chans OP.

Anonymous 66461

Men tend to take womens bodily autonomy and not making an effort to look attractive to them as a personal insult.

Anonymous 66464

Lurk more.
But no too hard to the point of becoming a femcel falling down a la Icarus.

Anonymous 66465

>Except some people are porn with actual problems that affect their weight and also genetics play a huge part.
No one is born obese. I never denied there are disorders that affect weight but if it's to the point you're obese you're not trying hard enough to lose weight or at least stopping gaining it.
So, which disorders actually make you gain large amounts of weight that not even starving will stop?

Anonymous 66473

>I just wanna be intimidating not a 10

That's probably the most cringe thing in this whole post, given that social interactions basically make or break you, and by being a "10" you're naturally more inviting and likely to get better careers than by being intimidating, which I imagine would have the oppposite effect as far as enticing and luring men to their inevitable doom goes.

>It runs in the family
Probably the only thing that does ;)

Anonymous 66481

May I say something about the loose skin worries?
I never really reached american proportions, but I did put on chonk over time as I got older and less active. At around BMI 30 I decided to do something.

Started going to the gym and eating less, and while I lost weight, I now had wrinkly skin all over my boobs, like old lady boobs. Hated it. And this stayed like that for years.

This year did another bout of losing weight, but actually doing it through keto and water fasting. Because I heard that fasting does "Autophagy" which means loose skin is removed naturally. And after 3 weeks of water fasting, (I refeed on the weekends, fast during the week) those boob wrinkles are gone! Just gone! (Wish it'd do the same to my face wrinkles)

So there's your solution. Can't promise it'll work for you, but it did for me.

Anonymous 66504

Enough with the woe is me, what are some things that make you feel pretty regardless of our size?

Anonymous 66514

The calories I ate…

>OP's entire prompt
No shit, you're obviously uncomfortable in your very own body.
For your own sake, you should be able to lose that fat in your body ASAP as there is no amount of cope that you can eat in the mental health buffet that will make your brain satisfied with your body. Noting as well that as you cope more and more on "accepting" your weight, a harsher, more subtle comment will definitely make you have a fat rage episode – except that you won't be furious for that 1$ off coupon at Mickey D's not working, but whatever comment will finally snap your serenity.

Anonymous 66985

That's very disgusting of you, moidanon. But of course you're into that.

Anonymous 66996


Don't give the scrote the time of day

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