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Regrets Anonymous 663

what do you regret, anons?

Anonymous 666

I have a creative talent that I worked hard on and made into a freelance job. It's a marketable skill and I always had more offers than I could take on, being recognized by industry professionals, winning awards etc. However, I got severely depressed and eventually became a full-on NEET. Nowadays when I try to get back into it, I feel like a soulless puppet going through the motions. Not turning this into something is one of my biggest regrets.

Anonymous 695

I have so many

>Running away from home years and years ago

>Breaking up with my bf (we got back together after a while but that was a mistake)
>Letting some shitty guy treat me like trash
>Being a lazy fuck in general which has always caused me problems

Anonymous 910

It's not exactly a regret, but I so bad wish I didn't fell for one of my best guy friends, especially as it was while we were planning to set him up with another friend of mine. It was totally unexpected for me; had I felt something for him before I wouldn't try to have my friend hang out with him. He and my other friend didn't date, but the thing is: he hangs out in a lot of social groups I know and even though I don't want anything with him anymore it feels like being constantly reminded of this situation.

Anonymous 911

In case it wasn't clear, he friendzoned me

Anonymous 913

not knowing what anime this is from

Anonymous 915

I never told him how much I actually loved him.
And now it's too late.

Anonymous 970

Not putting enough effort in my education.
It's still possible to 'fix' my carreer which I am doing right now but a lot of trouble and disappointing people could have been avoided if I had just worked harder.

Another one is wasting time in general but I guess this is something almost everyone regrets.

Anonymous 973


Anonymous 974

wasting my youth and not going to parties or socializing with people in school because i thought i was better than them (which i am)

Anonymous 978

>Riyoko Ikeda
Oh shit! No wonder those pics reminded me of Versailles no bara! (my fave anime/manga ever btw)

Anonymous 989

I regret not rebelling more against my parents. A lot of people say I did, but I still wish I rebelled more in my teen years i.e. sneaking out, etc.

Anonymous 1110

When I was 17 there was this girl I talked to every day on msn. She was gay and she flirted with me a lot but I was really inexperienced and she was really extroverted and assertive. One day she asked me for advice "I have a problem. There's this girl I really like but I'm not attracted to her. Is it selfish of me to not go out with her?"
And I literally had no clue she was talking about me so I said "No, it would be selfish TO go out with her because there's probably someone out there who does find her attractive" and she kept being like "but yeah, is it selfish?" over and over and I was like wtf.
We went to a party a few nights later and she got drunk and cornered me and kissed me, it wasn't against my will but I had never kissed anyone before and she kept getting frustrated with me and saying that if I was nervous then I wasn't really gay (I never claimed to be). Later that night she asked me if I liked her and I said yes. I was really excited and nervous but then she went home with a guy when I wasn't looking. Lol.
It broke my heart at the time and later when I realized the advice she asked was about me I felt humiliated and unattractive.
I really regret being so naive at the time and getting my feelings hurt so badly when I was first getting into dating. I wish I could go back and tell her that she was being mean and playing with my feelings but honestly I don't think she would have cared.

Anonymous 1123

Sometimes I regret getting into serious long term relationships at an early age. They're really nice but I sometimes feel like I'm missing out on something. Not that random hookups and stuff like that are what I'm into, but just flirting with different guys but also being single seems fun. I think it's mostly because now I'm in a place where I'm satisfied with who I am/what I look like that I want to "experiment".

Or maybe it's just that current bf is a bit aspie and doesn't understand "normie"/spontaneous fun.

Anonymous 1128

>Becoming a NEET for multiple years and not doing anything to improve my situation in that time until it consumed me and made me miserable.
>Pretending to be something different to fit in, changing my personality to have friends and be accepted.
>Not letting go of toxic friendships, even when the people in those friendships ruined my life and even tried to physically hurt me/nearly having me killed and verbally abused me.
>Not standing up for myself more and believing the adults that told me to be quiet in the face of bullying.
>Catfishing a dude which i fell in love with and never apologising to him.
>Leave real loving friendships for temporary firendships with people who used me and dumped me afterwards.
>Letting other's opinion of me shape me and change as a person for most of my life.
>Not having my own voice and pretending to have certain opinions only to fit in.
>Not using my years as a NEET to improve any of my skills and just bum around sleeping, browsing imageboards and playing videogames.
>Not socialising more and isolating myself from people because of fear they actually hated me deeep down and i was a nuisance to the group until i was alone.
>Not reading more in my free time. Not developing any hobbies apart from videogames and drawing.

Most of them have been corrected or midly corrected, but i regret not doing it sooner and not realising how shitty it was.

Anonymous 2525

I wish I went to prom with that nerdy friend I secretly liked but felt too embarrassed to go with because my best friend was always ragging on him. He acted autistic in the meme way but I found it charming for some reason. He was so innocent and cute.

Anonymous 2526

I regret everyone I've ever dated including my current partner.

Anonymous 2983

you should probably leave them then, no?

Anonymous 3319

Not telling vampires and cunts to fuck off after they back stabbed me several times. I'm always fighting against my "nice" personality… Kidness is very good and it usually makes you a person better than the majority imo, but you need to be careful or idiots and morons will take advantage of you!

Anonymous 3324

My entire life :^)

More specifically:

-Being so autistic and frightened on early social media
-Not working in highschool
-Giving in to pressure and going to college when I hated school and knew I wanted to take time off
-Not dealing with my social issues and depression which got so much worse in college
-Not doing things I wanted to do because my parents would scare and guilt me
-Not going to see my friend more when she was in state
-Drinking so much pop and leading such a sedentary life as kid/teen, also eating/drinking so much acidic shit
-Not going to see my family member before they died

Anonymous 3421

>Or maybe it's just that current bf is a bit aspie and doesn't understand "normie"/spontaneous fun.

3 months late but…

are you saying you just want to cheat on your bf?

Anonymous 4253

Are you me or this is me? I don't remember. Hit the nail on the head there.

I also regret getting involved with more than one people a few times. It always ended up worse.

Anonymous 4254

I regret going to a psycho's apartment where he tried to drug me up via jello.

Anonymous 4571

cute, looks like /r9k/ found crystal.cafe

Anonymous 4656

>went through an /x/ larp "shaman" phase and the whole thing was so damn cringy.
>burned bridges with literally every friend
>fucked up and could've had fun last night but didn't
>treated people insanely poorly
>lost only person who ever loved me
>started smoking when I was 19
>going on 2x2chan
>watching a lot of pornography and letting it affect the way I see people/the world

Anonymous 5285

If only I knew what I know today I'd have had more sex when I was a bit younger, especially in HS with cute guys I liked.

Anonymous 55729

Same. No one ever talks about that the stuff you do when younger never goes away and will always be in your memories, ready to be a flashback triggered by the most random thing.

At best, people tell kids "don't do that, it's stupid/dangerous" but they never say "don't do that, you and anyone else who knows about this will have that knowledge for the rest of your lives and you will re-evaluate the situation as you get older and what you thought was harmless fun will become exploitative/shameful/degrading".

Anonymous 55751

Not knowing and finishing my degree right after high school.

Anonymous 55764

getting in an argument about gc shit with the love of my life and possibly ruining everything

if you're reading this sorry but you're driving me insane

Anonymous 55765

Your partner browses CC?

Anonymous 55770

I told him about it in passing once and I'm on the paranoid side so my first thought sometimes is "he's going to check"

Anonymous 55771

What was the argument specifically?

Anonymous 55776

We're mending things now but basically his views on what constitutes womanhood, TW in sports, etc.

Anonymous 55787

I kind of regret going for the easy and familiar route. A lot of good things have happened along the way and I'm happy at where I am right now but I sometimes ask what my prospects would be like if I had just been brave at the time. It's been three years since I had left that path. Looking back, it was fruitful in some ways but my short time there barely made a ripple in the field.

Anonymous 55810

Everything I did in my teenage years. I fucked my development and now nothing will fix it.

Anonymous 55885

Not too much, strangely.
Mostly :
>not opening up to friends about issues and past traumas
>being unwinlligly aggressive towards a dude i had a crush on and most likely liked me back, because of said issues
>spent too much time on 4chan during teenage years
>dating retarded 4chan moids

Anonymous 55921


Not treating things like a joke earlier. Really, cringe passes, have fun, stop caring. I wish I acted up more, stood up for myself and took more risks, but high school is almost over and like lots of other users, I feel I have played things too safe until now.

Anonymous 55923

I could have avoided so much heartache if I just told my crushes I liked them instead of pussying out. Now I feel like my heart has been broken so many times as a result of not shooting my shot that I can't have any more crushes.

Anonymous 55939

I was gonna post the exact opposite, I wish I never told my crushes that I liked them. I’d rather have kept living in the delusion that maybe they reciprocated or at least finding out on my own instead of embarrassing myself and exposing that part of myself to them forever. Plus I had bad taste.

Anonymous 55945

>high school is almost over

Anonymous 55972

I always try to regret nothing because I am what I am and I am secure in myself. But. I really do regret some things.

I am lonely and barely passionate about my studies and I know it's due to choices I made in my late teens/early twenties. If I hadn't ghosted my best friend, chosen something fun to study, and had involved myself at university I know I'd be happier. My life is quite good and my career is lined up, but I have made mistakes.

Though I'm satisfied now, I kick myself because in retrospect it could have happened sooner. That's just life, I guess.

Aw anon, your life is just getting started. I assume (hope) you're just 18 now, so keep yourself optimistic. Your brain will finally develop and you have all these paths to choose from! It's very exciting. And having more control over your life and yourself means it's easier to be wild sometimes if that's what you really want.

I also miss school on occasion, but your life will grow so much outside of it that soon you will only think of it nostalgically rather than regretfully. You were just a kid, after all.

Anonymous 56004

Dropping out of high school and rejecting every boy. Feel like I missed out

Anonymous 56030

>was ugly, weird autistic girl all throughout school and got bullied
>did no extracurriculars in high school, depressed and got mediocre grades
>did cosplay as a hobby and had some friends through it, that was my only social life
>no prom date, no real friends
>got accepted into art school in big city, scared of not being good enough and the financial burden on my parents, so i decided to go to community college
>did poorly in community college due to mental illness, dropped out of or failed most classes
>started dating long distance relationship ex again, who was toxic
>dropped out after 3 semesters
>he moved in with my family, was in toxic relationship with life at a standstill bc my mental health deteriorated even more while being with him
>didn't work, didn't go to school
>he finally moved out, had the courage to dump him
>feel lost in life, attempt suicide
>go to psych ward, decide to live my life
>feel a lot better, start relationship with new guy
>go out more, make friends, feel better about my appearance. start to feel alive for the first time in my life
>decide to go back to school
>bf has to go back to his home country, he was on a student visa, but we get engaged. everything seems like its going ok, doing well back in college, and i'm on SSI so i have an income
>COVID happens
>life goes to shit
>can not see fiance, doing poorly in online school

i just wish i had made different decisions. i wish i wasn't an autistic fucking loser in school, i wish i went to school in the big city, and was more indepenent.

i feel like such a failure. i still live at home. i'm in school but not doing well and god i hate online school. wish i had a normal childhood, a traditional college experience, regular fun young adulthood instead of toxic relationships and being dependent on other people due to my disabilities

Anonymous 56032

The best thing to do is just try to cope as best possible on your current course and do as well as you can. This won't last forever. I relate to your experience a lot, I totally fucked up my life from teens to mid-20s, but you can't regret it. You just have to get to a place of acceptance and move forward as productively as you can.

It's not about anything else other than getting to a place in life where you are happy.

Anonymous 56054

>autist in high school
>abysmal social life, people view me as a joke, average mentally ill tumblr kinnie
>"its ok because i have good grades and will get to explore and live life in college"
>did badly on SATs
>scared parents will beat me if they find out, dont retake them, go to local community college
>4 years down the drain for nothing
>do poorly there
>transfer to nearby state school, still live at home
>depressed, no friends, still ugly, realize that im behind in life developmentally
>cant balance moving out and doing schoolwork
>parents are overbearing
>no idea what i would do without a college degree, try to stick through it
>keep failing courses due to mental and physical illness, wont graduate until i'm 25
>hate my degree
>cry when i think about what my young adulthood could have been
>stopped drinking but now i self harm again
honestly, knowing how meek and ugly i was as a teenager reinforces that i wouldve failed horribly no matter where i went. im going to commit suicide in my late 20s/30s

Anonymous 56090

Oh, nonnie. Your parents sound stressful to be around. I hope they don't pester you with texts and stuff like that. But I'm sure they do…

Anonymous 56147

thank you, anon. this is very kind of you to say. i honestly realize i don't have it that bad in comparison to a lot of other people and i'm working towards independence and having my life in the state i want it to be.

Anonymous 56178

It seems like you both tried your hardest, and you should be proud enough for that. No matter what happens in life, you're going to have regrets if you don't frame things correctly, there's infinitely many paths, so if you think there can only be one "correct" path, then of course the other infinity paths will be wrong.

I'm just a stranger on the internet, but I'm proud of you both. I really am, I really hope that you see what I see; two beautiful young women who are doing their best with what they've been given. There is no "wrong" path, if it were wrong it wouldn't have happened. You say you won't graduate til you're 25, the real problem is that you hate your degree. 25 is young, 30 is young, 40 is young. Who cares how old you are when you graduate, what matters is that you're working hard towards a life which you will enjoy; a life which will give to others. Happiness isn't a distant goal, it's not waiting til you're 18 to drive, nor til you're 21 to drink, nor til you're 25 and graduating. Happiness begins now, you just need to find it, and I know that these cliche messages just come off as 'gay', because I too have felt like a complete failure.

Despite getting great grades in hs and uni, I was a complete social outcast with no actual connections (the struggles of your family being poor and thus having no connections). Getting a job after graduating was hell, I struggled even to get low-end part-time jobs. I ended up cleaning old people's spit in a nursing home. Top grades, but working for maybe 20k a year cleaning dishes because I was socially a failure. I was laughed at by old high school acquaintances whom I had previously "outperformed". One girl laughed at me when she found out where I worked, she was in some insurance agency earning 3 or 4 times my wage, and even though I knew she only had that job because she knew the right people, it still made me feel ashamed of myself. I think that was the lowest I ever felt, I remember closing my eyes on the drive home hoping that I'd veer off and wrap myself around a tree. When I thought about how much it would devastate my parents, it made me dry-heave.

I ended up with a weird belief in God. No particular God, just some guiding force in my life that would do me good if I did my best. I began deep self-introspection, I started reading bullshit self-help books on how to talk to people and be social, 87% of them are bullshit, but the other 13% were just what I needed. I still live with my parents, but I love my new career and I'm far happier than any of those people who revelled to see me in misery. I don't know what my life's trajectory is, but I believe it's good, and I now genuinely look forward to what tomorrow will bring. After months of deliberating on the best place to hang myself, I managed to 180 my life, and now I don't regret any of the decisions I made, not even "wasting" my youth with my head in the books. I used to have so many regrets, and now I struggle to find one. Even if something was a "waste", or it "failed", I'm still glad I did what I did, because it's what was necessary for my own development. Knowing that I'm going to make mistakes is a liberating thought; I don't know where I'm going, but I'm doing my best, and that's all I need. Keep doing your best anons. Sorry for the ramblings

Anonymous 56198

I could have written this post anon. Forget about school and grades. Try and find a job and move out and take some time to figure out what you really enjoy and want to do with your life, then work towards doing that.

People live to 100 these days and middle age is more mid 40-50s these days. It's ok to restart things in your late 20s or 30s.

Anonymous 56203

Reading the posts up thread about being loners at uni made me remember some of the cringe times I tried to take part in societies:

>society elections coming up

>spend ages thinking of ideas and writing a speech
>turn up and everyone just goes round the table saying "vote for me"
>one guy steals one of my ideas I mentioned to him a few days before
>stand up and read my speech
>no one votes for me
>guy who stole my idea gets vice-president
>president later offers me a special role
>turn it down as it felt like a patronizing participation prize
>slip away early from the after party as so embarrassed
>vice-president and other some other voted members quit 2 weeks later
>no one offers me a role

>join another society

>president mentions they are looking for a junior member
>say I am interested straight away and pay my membership fees on the spot
>spend the whole session talking to people around me
>make an effort to try to include a foreign kid
>junior member announced at the end of the session
>given to a random girl I had been talking to who didn't submit her name
>don't go back

The sad thing is that the few times I've somehow been in charge of organising something or brainstorming, I've been great as I love spending all my free time on it. I just never get voted into positions as it's always a popularity contest and I never have any friends to vote for me. I wish I had realised this before trying to submit myself so I could have prevented the cringe memories.

Anonymous 56204

Forgot to add the worst part of the first story. It wasn't paper voting, just names being read out and people raising hands so I got to see everyone not vote for me in realtime.

Anonymous 56207

you're amazing nona

Anonymous 56237

i regret not dating my friends current bf before they got together.

Anonymous 56239

I chose to leave a very promising career because I saw no future in it and despised my daily life. I even made several posts on cc about my apprehensions and hesitation.

A year after that I am once again gainfully employed and much happier, I just feel at peace now.
Still, I sometimes wonder if I could have pushed through it or if I'd just be hanging from my ceiling had I chosen to stay.

Anonymous 56344

I'm sorry to hear that. usually the most narcissistic or nasty get positions of power.

Anonymous 56663

biggest regert currently is not telling my favorite person they are my favorite person. what i could do to be back in bed cuddling with you late into the night. when you stopped talking everything was quiet and still i could have asked what are we or more realistically what am I to you. You have a new bf now and i should be happy for you as a friend but im left with feeing regret. because I doubt we will ever be like that I again.

Anonymous 56722

Thank you anon, it's a little scary to think the stage of playing and learning is over, but I like that way of thinking of it. It sounds like you're pretty fulfilled right now and I hope to get there too <3

Anonymous 57440

Not getting treatment before my last relationship. Because of my selfishness and probable HPD/NPD I got cheated on and hit by the only guy I ever truly loved, and spent 4 years with. I also regret breaking up with him instead of going to couples therapy. I miss it so much when there was thunder and he would just hold me. It's been 3 months and I still live everyday considering changing my mind and running back to him. I just love him so much but am too immature to make it work.

Anonymous 57509

I was born to a pretty wealthy family and instead of taking advantage of my privilege I spent my childhood and teenage years never trying hard and basically just let the internet raise me. I was a fast learner but would quit everything as soon as things got tough. Never thought about my future. After dropping out of uni my first time in the US I decided to go back to my 3rd world home country and tried to be a good student. Eventually graduated and got into grad school in Canada but now that I've finally finished and am working I realized I never had a goal and basically just went with the flow of life and now I regret it. Also my personal life is a mess because I have a pattern of cheating on my boyfriends, but the most recent time my bf didn't break up with me and now we're engaged. I miss my family and feel regretful I was such a rebellious kid. I wish I could be 15 again and live it all over because I'm 29 in a few months and am basically stuck. Life can be worse but I am convinced it will never get better and I'm just waiting to die.

Anonymous 57519

>and I'm just waiting to die.
Sounds like the perfect conditions to change your life. What's the worst that happens? You die anyway? That's what you're waiting for isn't it?

Anonymous 57527

I realize that but I have no idea what I want or what I want to do. I want to lose weight so I'm actively working towards that but I will never be young and full of potential again.

Anonymous 57543

>pretty wealthy family
>I have a pattern of cheating on my boyfriends, but the most recent time my bf didn't break up with me and now we're engaged
Sounds like he wants a slice of that pie. The first weight you drop should be him.

Anonymous 57571

why do you cheat, out of curiosity? if you're waiting to die anyways, why can't you do whatever the hell you want? it's your life, do it.

Anonymous 57572

It's never to late to cultivate yourself.

Anonymous 57579

Regret not killing myself before I froze over and became numb.

Anonymous 57592

I think you are very nice and I hope you stay with us and get better ladi!

Anonymous 57604

I seem to get way too obsessed with people that I get into relationships with, it's like they're my god and my hopes and dreams in the flesh. And when it turns out they can't be my everything I look for someone as broken as I am to try to relate to. I know it's an extremely toxic way to think and I'm working on it. My fiance and I have gone through couples counselling and I am a lot less codependent now, but the fact that I had the capacity to kiss another man and let him choke the fuck out of me in the back seat of my own car makes me sick to my stomach. I hate myself but I take full responsibility for my actions.

Anonymous 57612

Not being mean but you sound like you would benefit from therapy and boundaries, probably a break from men in general as well

Anonymous 57661


i always come on too strong and it scares them away

Anonymous 57865


>catfishing people in middle/high school
>being a sheep for a small part of my life
>lying instead of being honest to some people
>letting people walk over me
>not speaking up
>being rude sometimes
>using a straightener in high school
>sending nudes while being a minor
>getting in relationships
>oversharing to people

Anonymous 57880

Dating my ex and being in one of the weirdest toxic relationships. He made me feel bad for having ADHD and a lack of social skills. He also cheated on me with some art ho who he's still with and he also basically sexually assaulted me. Sure, I was mean to him after he left me and I feel bad but everything surrounding my ex is one huge regret.

Anonymous 60593

being unreasonably rude to a lot of people as a cope in childhood/hs because i felt misunderstood and outcasted. although sometimes my rudeness was warrented bc i felt people were attacking me.

maybe im overly sensitive and paranoid though. idk

Anonymous 60662


A better question would be about what I don't regret. Because of social avoidance having ruined pretty much my whole grade school life (and still actively having it ruin it in college), I could write a whole novel about my regrets.

I guess the ones I have particularly strongly is not taking a shot approaching any guy at school I ever found really cute, ever. There was an emo guy in middle school I always passed by in the hallways, that I even made eye contact with and who became a friend of my friend's, and yet still I avoided him. (To be fair, I later found out from his Facebook that his spelling was absolutely, cringe-level atrocious and that he was gay and sleeping around with grown married men so I got quite disillusioned to say the least.)
Then there was a guy in high school with black headphones and glasses that I saw during my lunch period, that I never so much as said a single word to either. In Community college, I had a class with a similar looking guy and still did nothing.

Anonymous 60906

not killing myself before I became numb.

Anonymous 60908

Burning bridges with my old life. It hasn't been liberating at all. I wish I could go back

Anonymous 61126

Not ghosting my deadbeat ex much much earlier. I get angry with myself remembering I wasted two years on him. But at least it taught me to never stay in a situation where I am not happy or don’t feel loved/appreciated again.

Anonymous 61135

Being a sperg in adolescence
Telling her I loved her and spooking her
Dropping out of high school
Being homeless

Anonymous 61136

its not good to regret things

Anonymous 61137

Getting fat

Anonymous 61167

meeting that one guy

Anonymous 64707

Good post very relatable.

Anonymous 64709


Anonymous 64714

letting my ex keep our kids when we split up.

Anonymous 64727

I feel that. Did a science degree. Didn't have good enough grades to do anything with it. Now in the final throes of a techie degree, but not sure I like it enough to finish. I finally have a decent job but everything would have been a lot smoother if I had the willpower to do things right the first time.

Anonymous 64728

Joining the army.

Anonymous 64736


rn i wish that i had friends who were serious about game art or that i went to a better psychiatrist that could have made me admit my retardation and helped me with it and not have fucked me up with zoloft and benzos like literally wtf i dont want to think about how fucked up that was

Anonymous 65272

I regret not taking the time to spend more time on my hobbies during hs. Im a khv, but i honestly didnt care about that, I just wish I learned and did more of the things I liked. At least I am doing it now, but it would have been helpful back then too..

Anonymous 65890

Realizing I loved him too after he had left.

Anonymous 66672

Falling for the friends with benefits type bullshit, thinking that if I just get loose my virginity I won't be a femcel anymore and I can still have my friends as friends the while time. Complete and utter bullshit, cause ever since then all I've been is a pair of tits and a joke to them no matter how they try to soften it with words and somehow I still have that femcel beta bitch energy even after losing my virginity fml

Anonymous 75870

I did a lot of shit in the past that I fucking hate, makes me feel ashamed and can't imagine doing again today. Then again, feeling like that now probably means I've come a long way.

Anonymous 76073

Should have gone into medicine

Anonymous 76075


Anonymous 76108

My biggest regrets are not trying to keep my old best friend in my life more and interacting with the wrong people in high-school.

A smaller regret I have is not waving to a kind old lady one day. I was cleaning my window sill and she was sat in hers reading, she saw me and smiled and waved but at the time I was a complete paranoid sperg so I just ducked. A week or so after I saw an ambulance go to where her house is and I haven't seen her since then so I'm afraid she passed away. I wish I had smiled back and waved too. It's a very little thing but perhaps just that little bit of kindness and interaction would have made her day just a little better.
I also regret selling my old game and game consoles, so many memories, nostalgic save files and rare games just gone. I regret selling most of my childhood toys too. I wish I still had them for sentimental reasons.

If I could go back in time I'd try my hardest to never let my old best friend go and to avoid the horrid people I wish I never got involved with. My life would (probably) be so much better if I had just done that but oh well, let bygones be bygones, there's no use dwelling I suppose.

Anonymous 76111

this made my eyes teary. im happy for you. thank you for sharing

Anonymous 76115

I regret getting into a relationship with a guy that I wasn’t even initially attracted to. It’s literally stockholm syndrome. And he cheated on me during the worst period of my life? Nah. One of the biggest Ls I ever took. I lost myself for two years. Never again.

Anonymous 76140

I regret my upbringing. Neglect toxic extremely distant family. Why have a family when you can talk to a plant???

Anonymous 76145

>allowing my excessive shyness take over me in my youth
>avoiding social situations most of my life
>dating one guy in high school for 3 years, and him being the only person i ever talked to
>lost my virginity the first time i ever tried hard liquor when i was 18, on top of this i blacked out and i don't remember this even happening
>doing acid unprepared, with someone who i didn't completely trust

additionally, the reason why i ever tried strong alcohol was because i was naive and felt like i was missing out, it was an attempt to eradicate the shy and reclusive person that i was and i regret trying to do it that way

Anonymous 76151

why? in my case, i'm starting to regret getting into it a bit.

Anonymous 76153

Oddly I don't regret a lot, I've been sitting here trying to put my finger on stuff that I actually regret doing or not doing. I keep passing over bad things that happened and whilst there's pain there, and I lament and feel pain when recalling some of them, I don't really regret all that much. I am lucky to lead a relatively privileged life compared to some, and so I feel a little embarrassed trying to "think" of things to regret.

I suppose if I regret anything, it's my choice in female friends. All let me down. From childhood to early adulthood when I just gave up entirely. But I don't know how much of that I really regret. All of those experiences lead me to the person I am now and whilst I'm far from perfect and my life is far less than ideal, I know that I've avoided many paths that would have lead to poverty, doom and misery.

I regret not having any IRL friends, but I have a very loyal, very loving husband who I've known for over a decade and his record is flawless. I'd take one amazing best friend over many.

I regret not going to university, but I'm in a job that I like in a company that treats me well and I'm earning a modestly middle class wage. I also know that my husband would support me if I chose to go and get my degree.

I regret that I grew up quite poor (well, in poverty by most modern metrics) and that my parents didn't manage their money very well, plan very well or seek out better prospects before having kids. But I can count on my hands the nights where I went to bed with nothing at all. Even mashed potatoes and peas is better than nothing. I went probably 3-4 months total without electricity growing up. Usually around winter because they never planned ahead and saved money for the pre-payment meter which, because heating is expensive, costs more that time of year. But this has lead to me being an incredibly responsible adult.

I can say with certainty that I regret that I had to ask the school nurse for pads and tampons because my parents could never afford them. I think that's really the only thing I actually resent them for. I was a very shy kid and I almost passed out the first couple of times I had to ask. I cried though. threw up from the stress a few times too. It was mortifying every time. She eventually figured out that my family was particularly poor and to spare me the shame of having to go and ask she instead scheduled an appointment for every first money of the month and she would assemble care packages for me every month, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, pads, tampons, wipes, multivitamins. iron tablets for my anemia. sometimes a little candy and tea, She would also just sit and let me talk to her about what was on my mind and share little stories about her life. I really appreciated her and what she did for me. I wrote her a letter 3 years ago thanking her for everything and making sure she knew that she made a huge massive difference in my life. I also sent her a christmas gift box with a scarf, a bottle of wine, a big box of chocolate macaroons from a local boutique as they were her favorite sweets and a big box of little chocolate panda bears as they were her favorite animal. If she looked up the boutique she would see that I made good on my teenage angsty wish to move thousands of miles away and that would have made her smile.

I regret that I didn't stand up for myself more growing up. A lot of my painful memories would never have come to pass had I just grew a backbone and yelled, pushed back, threw a punch or two. Sadly my pushes back were far and few between, and never particularly effective. I think that has lead to some overreactions in my adult life.

I regret not making time for more reading. It's one of the things I really enjoy doing but I hardly make time for it these days.

Anonymous 76154

Regrets? I've had a few.

But then again…Too few to mention.

Anonymous 76160

I regret not starting my adult life by going to college at 18. Instead I worked for years. But I was convinced back then that I wasn't good enough. Now at least I realize that I should use the time I have to try my best at the life I want. I don't know if I ever could have done it before learning from my mistakes anyway.

Anonymous 76162

i regret wasting my weekend. i have 3 tests coming up and i just laid in bed basically. didnt hang out with my family or nothing. what the fuck is wrong with me this weekend…

Anonymous 76249

Good pay honestly

Not like I'm not doing well, but I feel like I could be much better off with the same amount of effort

Anonymous 76290

shes kinda literally me

Anonymous 76292

I missed my friend's discord call today because discord glitched out. I felt really bad that I couldn't have been there for her when she needed me. Plus, her even wanting to call is like a rare limited time event, and I've missed talking to her. I really want to be there for my friends all the time, but that can't be healthy I guess.

Who, girl in OP? Shinobu from Onii-sama e?

Anonymous 77451

i regret letting people get to me when i was a child and giving up art, i went back 3 years ago but i'm still bitter about it. it's not even the only thing i gave up in my teens i gave up everything and even though i'm gradually building myself up it still haunts me

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