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I hate 4chan so much! Anonymous 66444

This site is full of pedophiles, nazis, Holocaust deniers and overall immoral people. 4chan is why I hate moids…

Anonymous 66584

>4chan is why I hate moids…
That's not exactly a bad thing. Moids show their true selves under the safety of anonymity. They really do think that women don't go there and are completely clueless.
It's good to be wary of men. Most are not such good people as they try to present themselves in real life. I mean, you ever just see a man irl and you can just tell it's a pornsick little scrote? They are truly pathetic.

Anonymous 66586

Normal moids don't go to 4chan.

Anonymous 66610

He is posting with express VPN (start your free trial) and has been doing it nearly a month now.

Anonymous 66615



Anonymous 66686

And you keep going there because…

Anonymous 66694

Simply stop going there, it's bad for your mental health

Anonymous 66767


The Internet is not reality, don't take it so seriously. Also, no one is forcing you to browse 4chan

Anonymous 66787

For me I had to resort to 4chan 'cause the topic I want to discuss is very niche and guy-orientated. I swear they bully you so much and call you a tranny if you let out you are female. It's like their only assumption of female on 4chan is that they are non-existent or fat and ugly. If you slap a picture up to get them to shut up then you are the attention whore and ruining their threads as if they weren't the ones provoking and insulting first without prompts anw. In the end, my advice is it's best to just grow very thick skin, either ignore the insults or lash out back, or stop visiting the site altogether

Anonymous 66788

Well then just don't say you're a girl? I've been on the site for years and I've never had to say I was a girl to discuss any obscure topic.

Anonymous 66817

Oh yea, that was because they went on a rant about how inferior and lowlife SEA people were for no reason and I'm SEA so I've just gotta vent back on their racism. Then I got called a faggot, tranny or neckbeard just by protecting my ethnicity so I just went: not a man, f*ck all of you racists?

Anonymous 66821

racism isn't allowed outside of /pol/ and /b/, and that rule is enforced pretty fiercely these days.
if you actually take offense you can just report the post. you're not gonna change anyone's opinion by sperging about why your ethnicity is not subhuman lmao

Anonymous 66826

I reported but it was such norm in that thread and that board it keeps happening every two day or whatsoever. I don't see why I must back off or shut up when I'm not in the wrong. Lashing out at least has got them to tone it down since no one wants the thread to get too derailed. I can't control whether they are racists or not but I only scroll 1 thread so doing something to not see unnecessary insults thrown at my people everyday is definitely better.

Anonymous 66828

It's typical male banter. Yeah, it's absolutely retarded and childish, but don't take everything so seriously when you're on 4chan.

Anonymous 66833

Sorry sis but that really is your fault. You're obviously going to be in the minority so there's no point in trying to argue with them. Specially at the cost of derailing the thread.
It's as if a troon came and started crying and defending troons after we started making fun of them. That's how you look.

Anonymous 66835

>15-year old girl should know
>14-year old girl should know
>13-year old girl should know
God, I’m so tired of pedos and their dogwhistles.

Anonymous 66841

I was an absolute retard at 15 and even I knew that was something stupid.

Anonymous 66846

definitely a logical fallacy to assume that if someone says something about a value "X" (in this case age 15) they will creep their argument to be about "X - N" ad infinitum (in this case age 13 and onward). By following this line of thinking you're suggesting that lines for continuous values can never be drawn in the sand.

Anonymous 66849

It goes the opposite way
>16-year old girls should know
>17-year old girls should know
>18-year old girls should know
>19-year old girls should know

The line is utterly arbitrary and decided by culture.

Anonymous 66853


you finally figured out how to post on /fit/

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