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Breaking up with a friend Anonymous 67010

Have you ever ended a friendship? I personally think it hurts more than regular breakups.

>How long have you been friends?
>How was the friendship when you were starting out vs when it was nearing its end?
>What caused you to break up?
>How do you feel now?
>Got any regrets?

Anonymous 67013

my BFF got pregnant and had a child and she's just extremely boring now. I wouldn't say I ended it we just don't care to talk to each other anymore.

Anonymous 67014

This would imply I have ever had friends. I thought I had friends, but after describing the person I interacted with across 7 years of elementary and high school, my husband informed me that sounded like an acquaintance.

Anonymous 67232

a lot of my friendships just kind of like… faded? like we didn't have a fight or anything, we just slowly drifted apart. if we were to talk now i don't think we would get along at all or have anything in common, and it's sad because we used to be very close. we're different people now though i guess. i regret thinking that friendships would maintain themselves even if i was really passive about it and i wish i made more of an effort to reach out to them after we graduated

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