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Anonymous 67038

>Decide to go to the library to work on my story even though I know it's a bad idea
>Go there
>See a couple
>Overhear them talking about stuff I know about
>Immediately hate myself for being alone and career virgin
>Stop by chinese restaurant on the way home
>Place is full of couples
I want to fucking die. Why did I have to be born wrong.

Anonymous 67058

>Why did I have to be born wrong
What did she mean by this?

Anonymous 67084


Anonymous 67085

>Why did I have to be born wrong.
I don't know, as far as I can tell, everyone is born wrong.

Anonymous 67086

>being alone and career virgin
What's a career virgin?

Anonymous 67088

Someone who thinks they're going into a career before actually entering the workforce and realizing that a career entails far more hours than most people are willing to put in and settling for a comfy job somewhere else after the burnout sets in.

Anonymous 68689

A virgin for my entire life/career

Also I'm back and was still born wrong. No one fucking gets it how whenever I'm in a group all I can feel is like an alien. I just don't really belong on this planet with normal people who can laugh with each other and interact normally

Anonymous 68694

"Career virgin" is redundant, if you're a virgin you've automatically been one your entire life.

Anonymous 68697

The implication is that I'll never stop being one.

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