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am I retarded Anonymous 67260

>talk to some guy on discord for a while
>discussion about mental illness and brain stuff on public server
>I get into a kinda fight with another guy I sometimes talk to about something unrelated
>guy 1 tells me rather rudely to take it to private channels and not disrupt the discussion
>I get emotional and unload on him and write wall of text about my problems in private
>he ignores most of my posts and tries to calm me down
>I block him
>unblock him some time later
>he won't accept my friendship requests and doesn't reply when I try to talk to him on public servers
Is there a way to salvage this

Anonymous 67261

>I get emotional and unload on him and write wall of text about my problems in private
Right after he was rude to you, in public, no less. You're retarded

Anonymous 67262

>Is there a way to salvage this
No and you shouldn't want to. It's just some only guy on discord of all places, just let it go.

Anonymous 67263

online* not only

Anonymous 67264

Guys on discord are a dime a dozen, he’s not worth the thought you’re giving him, especially if he’s so insensitive to your suffering.

Anonymous 67267

What does rude exactly mean in this context, the description sounds like there was an interesting conversation going on then two people started having an unrelated shitfight for some reason, I'd be mad too if I were having a discussion and then two people would randomly start shitting on each other

Anonymous 67315

The way to salvage it is to wait long enough and hope he forgets and doesn't become sexist.
Onr of my online friends did this to me and I just declined their friend requests and i don't talk anymore to her.

Anonymous 67398

You're not retarded, just autistic. Obviously not genius levels of intellect, but you're not retarded.

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