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Moral dilemma Anonymous 67326

I'm stuck with a moral dilemma. I received a package today that was not meant for me. It has my address but it's not to me, or the last Tennant before me. Without thinking I opened it and it is a very expensive blanket. It's so soft and comfortable. I'm torn because I really want to keep it but I feel bad because it's not mine. Im not sure where to begin on returning it because the name on the package is relatively generic so it's not like I can just look them up and sending it back to the seller seems moot because they're a huge brand and they're not going to help the person actually get their package. I know I'm a POS for keeping it so any sage advice would be appreciated. Pic related, it's me being comfy as fuck in this blanket.

Anonymous 67327

you already opened it, you might as well keep it.

Anonymous 67328

Write your landlord they will forward the message and the former tenant will usually thank you for it or outright gift it to you.

Anonymous 67329


Lollll anon honestly just keep it. Apparently you've already went full comf mode in it and claimed it as your own. And also it's not a wallet or money or something personalized. It's just a blanket.

I try not to be a misanthrope but god knows I'd not want to use a blanket that a stranger used first. I'd only side-eye you if you were hyper rich and were able to order something like that ASAP or spend a lot of time trying to get it back to its owner.

Anonymous 67330

I feel like a garbage human but I think in this case I'm just going to go full degen. It's pretty expensive (checked the receipt) so if someone comes knocking I'll just play dumb and give it up but jfc I didn't know investing in the blanket game yielded such results

Anonymous 67340

Someone may have spent the last of their money to get that blanket, and because the company sent it to you who didn't inform them that it was sent to the wrong address, they will never get that blanket or their money back. Now someone's christmas may be ruined because they don't have money to buy another one. Nothing to warm the poor people up in the cold harsh winter.
Remember that every time you curl up in that blanket.

Anonymous 67361

quote (10).jpg

Uhm… hello? One email to your landlord? Solve the dilemma?

Anonymous 67364

All you need to do is email your landlord.

Anonymous 67367

OP give the blanket back

Anonymous 67375

If you give the blanket back, you will radiate goodwill and good things will keep rolling to you:

- your landlord will remember you as a good person, possibly even look over a minor expense or two when you move out. You even might save more on this than on the blanket.

- The tenant will come pick it up, thank you for it, give you a gift, even invite you over and befriend you!

- you will sleep in your old blanket and be reminded of your good deed with every crisp rustle of the sheet. You will invite a nice guy over, cuddle in those sheets and have a comfy family.

But if you go the other route,

- You will go to sleep in them feeling a bit dirty and knowing they are not yours

- You will develop a escalating, moid-level masturbation addiction to help you sooth your conscience

- You will slowly develop an pozzing fetish and inject yourself with blood. That has AIDS. On the sheets.

Anonymous 67409

Keep it, if they ever contact you for the blanket, then you'll have to give it back. But as long as that doesn't happen (and it probably won't, see >>67376) you can be comfy in that blanket. If you're not rich enough to buy it yourself, I don't see the problem, that person's probably richer than you. The person must report the missing product themselves and the company is held responsible. Don't worry.

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