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Anonymous 67358

>wake up
>no texts

Anonymous 67360

What were you expecting? A good morning text? A good night text? If you want to be social, go do something with friends/family/bf/whatever, eat at a restaurant, visit someone, watch dumb tv shows together. Doesn't really matter, but get out there and spend time with someone, it's a kajillion times better than any text.

Anonymous 67362

i'll text you, nona

Anonymous 67368

>wake up
>no bf next to me
what's even the point

Anonymous 67370

>wake up

Anonymous 67371

me every afternoon

Anonymous 67372

>wake up
>be studious for two hours
>go to work

Feels good sis

Anonymous 67373

What do you study anon

Anonymous 67374

>woke up
>still breathing
fucked up

Anonymous 67386

>expecting to get texts when you wake up for no particular reason
Normie trait.

Anonymous 82687


>wake up
>not dead yet

Anonymous 82938

It's relaxing tbh whenever I get a text it's usually some tedious task

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