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I am a wallflower Anonymous 67385

I am the most forgettable person on this planet. Proof:
>people commonly forget my name ever after years of knowing me
>shy and introverted (a given)
>at work nobody hears my pages for customer assistance
>in conversation I can never get a word in no matter how loud I am, I am often talked over on the regular
>both therapists I've seen have forgotten about me completely and didn't show up to appointments
>at this point I could walk into a public place stark naked and nobody would care.

The only attention I get is from scrotes who want sex and my family. Kill me

Anonymous 67387


Did someone say something?

..could've sworn i heard something, oh well, must be the wind.

Anonymous 67388

Weird empty thread. Anyway, you guys like Yu-Gi-Oh?

Anonymous 67389

I used to, bit of an odd relationship though. Recentaly I played through all the video games pre-GX-Academy, and all the video games that have the Yu-Gi-Oh branding but not the TCG (Duelbound Kingdom, Capsule Colosseum, etc.) Gotta say I like the aesthetics and the basics, but after a while there's so many cards it's hard to plow through the meta-bullshit.

Anonymous 67408

Then be louder
Turn that inner angst into rage
Fake a little bit of confidence and eventually it'll become an actual part of your personality (worked for me at least)

Anonymous 67432

Same, I'm also physically small so it's easier for people to not notice me, I don't talk loud so people often din't hear me, hell even online people often don't respond to my messages in group chats.

I feel like the only time people notice me is when they want something from me or when I'm a nuisance for whatever reason.

Anonymous 67453

Use it to your advantage. Be scummy.

Anonymous 67472


I'm the same way, anon. I get forgotten and overlooked all the time and it really hurts. I have lots of bad dreams about being left behind in an emergency/disaster.

I've literally considered trying to working in the intelligence/espionage world bc I'm practically invisible. I don't think people would ever suspect that I'm up to anything sketchy, if they even noticed me at all.

I don't have any advice but I wanted to say that I understand.

Anonymous 67473

Anyone else get called by other people's names by mistake? My family members often accidentally call me by my sister's name, but I've also been called my mom's name, my dad's name, and my cat's name

Anonymous 67474

That happens a lot in families. I read somewhere it's actually a good thing but I can't remember why.

Anonymous 67480

OP, I relate extremely well. I've had such little presence throughout school that I also thought at one point I could just walk out naked and nobody would care. I've cried in class, around all my classmates, and still kept being ignored. Sometimes I feel like a living ghost. Most normie women seem to be at least popular on their social media, but I'm not even on there anymore. Nowadays I'm just as invisible online and it makes me want to be an artist with an art account, because those always seem to get some of the most attention. Or a TwitchThot. But my art is terrible and I'm too ugly.

Anonymous 67489

Anonymous 67543

something about the family members perceiving each other as one big unit? so it would be a sign that you're (correctly) perceived as part of the family?

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