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Male Focused Porn / Erotica Anonymous 67458

I hate the way gay men have ruined any sort of male focused erotica/pornography.
Any time I'd wanna look at erotic pictures or videos of a dude, it'd ALWAYS involved something that mostly gay men would enjoy (shots of asses, femboys, multiple men getting very handsy with each other etc).

I don't really watch porn that much anymore, but just remembering how annoying this was made me feel like going on a rant.

Anonymous 67462

>she doesn't like ass

Anonymous 67465

slightly ot but didn't playgirl literally shut down because it's viewership became increasingly male dominated? it's rather infuriating how any media intended for us is hijacked and ultimately closed, and pardon for tinfoil but rather diabolical. it comes off as patriarchal, that anything originally meant for women is reoriented for gay men eventually because "oh no women could never look at erotica!!! they are 2 pure!!!".

Anonymous 67466

I've kind of accepted the fact that female-oriented, male-focused porn with real people doesn't exist.
Plus I don't like watching real porn anymore, most of it is simply disgusting.

That's why I read teen's love manga and smut manhwa for women c^:
I'd rant more but I've already vented so many times about this (and most of the time no one was there to listen) so I've grown exhausted of going into detail.

By the way, femboyfags ("""straight""" men) are also starting to get into regular yaoi. At least on 4chan. Those faggots would jack off to anything that looks vaguely androgynous ("""feminine"""). Don't they have enough femboy porn already? Jesus fucking Christ. And these are aprobably the same people who, 15 years ago, would've been whining about "gay-looking pretty boys" in their anime and video games, and bullied the lots of female fans that said characters attracted.

Ass shots are fine tho. But yeah, it's a bit gay-oriented.

Wow, gay men like seeing manly naked men (gay or straight), what a shock.
I understand how frustrating it is that most media is made for men (in fact, it infuriates me too), but I don't think this is a case of that. It was just the logical conclusiong given the kind of stuff that was featured in that magazine.
Besides, there's still some media that men won't take away from us.

Anonymous 67501

It's not that I don't like a bit of butt. It's just the fact that specifically butt-stuff on guys has become the default setting in male erotica/porn, since gay guys can't have penetrative sex any other way.

Anonymous 67559

I mean male porn users are way more likely to pay for porn than women who watch porn are. Seems like a given that almost all porn is going to cater to the people they can make a buck off of.

Anonymous 67648


Well, ain't that tough?
Just add "solo" or "solo male" when you're looking for porn, or whatever keyword it is that the website wants you to use. This should fix most of your problems, although be aware that you might find femboy stuff more common by doing this since when do solo stuff, they always do some butt stuff.
Such is life, eh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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