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Anonymous 67972

I don't relate to anyone and once people really get to know me they never relate to me either. Even my own fiance doesn't seem to fully understand me though he does try very hard. I don't relate to people here either but it's the closest it gets for me. Being very mentally ill and growing up "homeschooled" with no contact with humans that weren't my insane mother has definitely taken a toll on me. I don't even know how to feel about it, because I can't really miss something I've never experienced. But it does kind of suck every time I think I find "my place" I eventually realize that I'm once again like an alien just trying to put a mask on to imitate those around me.

Also I hate it whenever I tell very average, normal people this and they're like "dw everyone feels out of place sometimes :)" like ok since we're the same then why do you have actually close friendships with people who can grasp your experiences and not make you feel inherently dirty and alien? Let's trade off.

Anonymous 67975

It sounds like you enjoy feeling out of place on some level since it give you your uniqueness hence makes you superior
>whenever I tell very average, normal people this
but then again psycho analysing people on the internet doesn't really help them I guess

Anonymous 67978

That isn't psycho-analysis.

Anonymous 67979

Is this supposed to be a vent post? Because I don't see any questions or content I can respond to as opposed to around.

Anonymous 67980


>very mentally ill
>growing up "homeschooled" with no contact with humans
>insane mother
And you still managed to get a fiance… how? Gotta love it when other people mention their difficult childhoods and mental illnesses on this board but casually throw in they have a boyfriend/fiance/husband. Yes, I'm seething very hard right now.

Anonymous 67982

It's just a normalfag thing, femcels wouldn't understand.

Anonymous 67983

OP said she doesn't feel like a normalfag. Again, how?

Anonymous 67984

Normalfags don't realize they're normalfags, completely understandable.

Anonymous 68018

Not to turn this into a “who is the most fucked up” kind of thing but yeah dude how do you have someone who loves you if you’re really so strange? I feel very alienated and miserable all the time too, and I never fit in with anyone. That has made it so that I’ve also never had any boyfriends or girlfriends or anything. Something not adding up!!! Even right now I’m hiding in a bathroom bleeding all over the floor because I’m scared to talk to my coworkers, scared to ask anyone for a tampon or a pad, I hate my life and I’m jealous of you anon

Anonymous 68019

You can fit in with no one and get married just fine. It's a somewhat well-documented schizoid phenomena. Two people that basically have no social lives somehow find and shack up together.

I'm not saying OP is Schizoid, but finding love without friendships is a known phenomena.

Anonymous 68050


honestly I don't really look for whether or not I relate to someone that much. I focus on whether or not I can have fun with them–not whether or not they truly understand me or I feel at home. I grew up similarly to you–except I learned how to speak when I was 12 because my parents hated me. I also have autism so…yeah.

Idk, it sounds like much of it is feelings. You're hyperfixated on some "place" when really it's impossible to find a place where everything feels perfectly ok because you're used to inevitably feeling disassociated from others. You're looking for a certainty other people can't provide. Likewise, even you feeling dirty and alien is probably half you–these are very, very specific, very loaded words. And it makes it sound like you have a few hang-ups with how you see yourself in conjunction to others…ones that I don't fully understand, but go deeper than what you expressed.

I'm not saying it isn't true that you struggle with finding people you truly resonate with. You probably do. For all I know you literally want to show your affection by throwing poo at people or something actually outlandish like that.

I can relate. I spent my entire college life hiding in bathrooms and it was so soul-crushing.

Anonymous 68111

No one who posts on imageboards is a normalfag.

Anonymous 68157

Yes, it makes me feel so superior to feel isolated all the time and have no one to relate to, including groups of people literally designed for weird women. I'm literally not unique in any cool way such as being a genius or super abnormally talented. I'm posting on fucking crystal cafe about being lonely, I feel so special.
Yes I have a fiance, that's not the pinnacle of existence. He is drunk 24/7 and has his own massive slew of problems. Eileen Wurnos (however the hell you spell her last name) had a long time girlfriend, would you honestly say she suffered less than you?
Ok, we'll swap lives, I'll take your social anxiety and you can have live in a filthy house with my alcoholic fiance and you can constantly feel like people are trying to kill you because being a homeless prostitute and having two parents that have tried to murder you has turned you into a paranoid mess. Oh, you can also have my BPD and psychosis spells and only have self harm and drugs to self-soothe.
fucking thank you. Everyone in this thread just sounds like those girls that thinks once they get married it's going to be happily ever after because the worst thing on earth is being single.

Anonymous 68158

I don't enjoy being around people because people want to kill me or harm me. I want to meet someone who doesn't just get pleasure out of harming me, but I don't know if it exist.

Anonymous 68159

Honestly I don't know why the fuck I come here, since yalls mindset is either social anxiety femcel or completely normal person excelling at life. There are all kinds of problems that aren't just either "I can't find a boyfriend/girlfriend" or "I am completely happy and fulfilled because I'm not single". Like if someone comes in here and says their husband is beating them, are yall just gonna respond with
Well you're doing better than me :(

Anonymous 68160

Do you know what venting is? Venting is literally just bitching about something to get it off your chest.

Anonymous 68161

>Venting is literally just bitching about something to get it off your chest.
This aptly describes OP.

Anonymous 68168


what's happening specifically?

Anonymous 68173

It exist

Anonymous 68221

why are you engaged to an alcoholic that you complain about on imageboards

Anonymous 68230

I find it really weird that she is whining about the people in this thread thinking marriage is a happily ever after when it looks like her being extremely delusional about her potential marriage yet doing it because it's apparently much better than being single–according to her own rhetoric.

Anonymous 68244

I already have BPD but nice try!! And no thanks keep your stupid alcoholic moid

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