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how do i make friends Anonymous 68187

How do I make new friends? I feel very disconnected from the people around me and I want to make new friends. I have some people who already like to spend time with me but most of them aren't the kind of people I want to spend a lot of time with. I'm a senior in college so this might be futile, but I want to try anyway.

There's all kinds of people I think I could have great friendships with but our relationships literally don't get anywhere. E.g. one of my coworkers likes the same obscure games as me and we get along well and I want us to be friends but I literally don't know how to do that. Also he's a man and I don't want to seem like I'm hitting on him cos I have a bf already. Also I don't have autism or anything, I'm a great listener and I'm good at holding conversations and I'm generally warm and pleasant and funny I think.

Ok idk what the fuck I'm talking about anymore. I'm deeply isolated and I need friends. Tell me what to do. Help

Anonymous 68220

invite people to places eziest way to become friends

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