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Anonymous 68294

Why am i such a loser? I feel like im going to waste my life but doing things is so hard for me. And all my friends (online) make fun of me and mock me.

Anonymous 68297

Bin them. They are not your friends.

Anonymous 68300

If i do ill feel really lonely

Anonymous 68302

Im going through a mood swing 0~0

Now i feel happy and energetic. Im very stupid about emotions, i might just be stressed

Anonymous 68304

Everything is going to be okay =')

Anonymous 68309

I posted cringe


Anonymous 68385

itt: a teenage girl has a normal day and thinks she's special for it

Anonymous 68449

You had a bad day because your silly peepeepopoomer friends laughed at you.
I'm treating a lung infection because I've inhaled ammonia from keeping poorly closed pissjars under my bed.
We are NOT the same.

Anonymous 68470

Just do it anon. I blocked and ghosted one of my only online "friends" who would insult me constantly and yeah I was lonely for a bit, but it felt so much better than being put down every day.

Anonymous 71251

You're OK anon

Anonymous 71259

who would want to be the same as you dumbass lol

Anonymous 71260

Parasocial relationships aren’t real
Everyone has forgotten about this
With in person, real interaction, the person has to talk behind their back using other means which now includes technology
They have to try to mask their emotions when you can see their face
They are in front of you
On the internet there’s none of these restrictions so all the worst behavior is easier

These people are not real friends
Seek out friends in real life

Anonymous 71269

That's not the definition of a parasocial relationship.

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