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Anonymous Admin 68356

I've been seeing users requesting more general/containment threads on /feels/. Please leave your suggestions here.

Anonymous 68358


oooh, yeah, I was one. keep in mind I've only been posting for a month

>2 relationship/romance generals (we only basically have a LDR general now)

>some sort of wholesome/positivity/vibe thread where someone can go to be cheered up or see cute things or talk about their experiences
>advice/question thread (because I see a lot of "how do I find frens or be confident" posts)

idk if these are bad ideas but it'd make things much cleaner and help a variety of threads stay on top.

Anonymous 68359

also part of my reasoning for the relationship general is bc it will help the board be less male-centric just by virtue of how it's structured

Anonymous 68400

>I've been users requesting
You accidentally the verb admin sama

Anonymous 68401

Ditto for an advice thread. Which is separate from the vent thread as it's for posters who actually have problems they want help with as opposed to talking about.

Anonymous 68521

How about stop interfering and let people post what they want

Anonymous 68524


/feels/ does feel (haha) cluttered. it's like people don't take ten seconds to actually search the catalog to see if a topic similar to the one they wish to make exists.

this only mildly irritates me (i installed the search bar from here:>>>/meta/3344 so navigating the catalog is much, much easier) but yeah.

Anonymous 68553

but people can post what they want on the generals.
it starts getting exhausting if there's a ton of threads with the same/similar topic. There's also certain subjects I want to post about that are way too dumb for a thread but don't really have a general either.

Anonymous 68712

I think a relationship advice thread should be enough.

Anonymous 68925

>>68356 seconding that mostly i want a containment thread for bf/guy problems cause i get tired of seeing so much about men

Anonymous 68928

ended up making it; hope it cleans things up a bit in the future.

Anonymous Admin 68964

How about one of each:
>dating advice (how to meet potential partners, early stages of dating, "is this a red flag" etc)
>relationship advice (established relationships)
>long-distance general
>singles general

Anonymous 68989

I think this sounds good admin!

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