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Anonymous 69199

Hey all, I'm kinda new to all of this, so please give me a break.

A few months back I mey a guy, let's call him "Q". He a was tall athletic, timid, and gentle kind of guy, in fact he was so timid that he reached out to our mutual friend to get to reach me instead of just talking to me himself. We talked and hit it off almost instantly. Fast forward 6 months and he decides out of the blue that it'd be best to break it off. Understandably, I was heartbroken, I felt betrayed, and I was devastated. I just cant seem to move past him, we were such a good fit. What can I do to get him back?

Anonymous 69200

let it go

Anonymous 69201

well why'd he decide to break it off with you?

Anonymous 69203

I can't just do that, we meshed so well together
Part of it is because he's moving states in a few months, but im totally open to an LDR.

Anonymous 69204

I mean, you are in for a world of needless pain and obsession and being a major creep if you insist on getting him back because it won't work. He's a human being, you can't force him to come back to you.

And btw, you can decide to move on.

Anonymous 69205

Well you don't have to do it, but you most certainly won't be with him again. You either cope with it or you don't.

Anonymous 69224

He obviously doesn't want or doesn't feel comfortable with a ldr anon.

Anonymous 69225

>she met Q-anon
Tell us what it was like nona? What kind of moid is he? Does he have an opinion on his followers being jailed?

Anonymous 69445

Sounds like you got ghosted by an AVPD fag or a covert narcissist fag, both are cancerous. Yeah these guys suck, avoid them like the plague. Hell at least overt narcs can be fun (sometimes).

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