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Anonymous 69235

Does anyone have any advice, I’m suffering a lot here.

Basically, I’m an adult but I live at home still since I’m in debt and can’t drive. I’m a college graduate though, and work a full time job.

My dad hates me so much. He has admitted it before when he was mad, and it shows in his actions. Today, I woke up to the sound of him screaming about me to my mom. He was furious because I took a toothpaste bottle from the basement when there was apparently a little still in the bottle I threw out.

This is the first time that has ever happened, but he’s screaming that I’m a waste of a person, he’s going to put a lock on the basement door, how dare I waste his money. Meanwhile I’ve offered to pay rent, but when I do, they just laugh and say “you don’t have money!” I know I only have like 15,000 in my bank account rn but I would happily pay rent if it would make me feel like a real person.

Anyway I try so hard not to be an angry bitter person but I hate him so much. I’m scared to leave my room right now, I don’t want to go down and face him and get berated. I can’t even go anywhere because it’s so cold outside, winter is truly the worst.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this but I don’t know what to do, sorry if I sound insane or whiny but has anyone gone through this before or know what I can do

Anonymous 69240

you gotta move out, are you american?

Anonymous 69257

Yes, we live in America; it is just so hard to imagine living on my own when I can’t drive. And I keep failing my driving tests like an idiot

Anonymous 69264

Public transportation can have it's own problems but it could be a good alternative depending on your city

Anonymous 69267


This. If you have any public transportation you can use to get to and from work, even if your commute time is ridiculously long (Mine used to be like 2 hours to and back) think of it on the bright side - Even those 2 hours is more time away from your shitty toxic dad and one step closer to getting away from him for good. I know it's cliched, but moving out really is basically the only thing you can do to preserve your sanity and get away from a living situation that toxic so find anyway you can to - That's not illegal at least - ngl My living situation had gotten so unbearable when I lived with my family that I considered running away several times, but there is high incidence of drug abuse and forced prostitution among runaways so I don't recommend that.

Anonymous 69272

>Only 15,000
15k in the bank is a great amount of cash to have on hand even in this era of hyper-inflation. Have you thought about finding a place to rent close to your work? Biking there is a good way to get exercise and not have to pay for a car or insurance. You sound like you're in a really toxic situation and you just need to get out.

Anonymous 69283

$15,000 isnt bad at all. You should just move out. You figure everything else out along the way.

Anonymous 69323

Just get a bike sis
It's good for your health too

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