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Familly member going to jail Anonymous 69455

How does one even cope with that? I don't want to get into details but I'm at a complete loss. I feel like all of our familly got betrayed hard. I honestly don't know what else I could say. I've been struggling too much thinking non stop about this, everyone in my familly is incredibly stressed too…

Anonymous 69478

For how long? If it’s jail then it’s less than a year or a relatively short sentence because prison is for long sentences.
It’s really hard to comment because I don’t understand where the feelings of betrayal are coming from.

Anonymous 69507

Dunno, didn't feel betrayed when my brother was a dumbass and got sent to jail, just felt like he was learning a very hard lesson. Didn't surprise me when it happened, I only felt a little disappointed.

Anonymous 69508

>How does one even cope with that?
It depends what the charge was and how long the sentence
>I don't want to get into details
It’s an anonymous image board, who cares

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