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Has isolation disturbed your social skills? Anonymous 69578

I am not as good with talking as I was before the lockdown. Anyone else?

Anonymous 69579

Isolation makes me want to go outside more. It makes me exciteable, which makes me fun to be around. Usually I don't want to. I didn't see much difference.

Anonymous 69584

It has also made me more terrified of leaving my house on my own and of my parents/sibling going out or traveling

Anonymous 69585

I spent lockdown substitute teaching and got better at handling groups of people, so no, I'd say the opposite. Do notice my language skills failing slightly, but that seems to be me just not talking to people that much.

Anonymous 69596

It's made me realise that I don't care if I don't leave the house for weeks. I don't like society or other people or most things other people enjoy. I can have everything exactly as I want it in my home and always get my own way.

I take language lessons and they always do an annoying warm up thing at the start of each lesson where they ask what I have been doing recently and where I have went. I think they must think I am a hikikomori or depressed or something as I seldom have anything to tell them. I'm not afraid of going outside though, I just don't want to.

I do plenty of interesting things inside (recently have been working on building my own private lab and I work a pretty interesting job from home) but somehow people always equate being inside with being bored and having no life? How do normies survive if they must always be talking to other people and doing things outside. Seems exhausting.

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