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what makes you feel feminine, cozy, cute or whatever Anonymous 69617

do you like a certain shade of red lipstick? A cute sweater? a certain song? activity? Post the things that make you feel pretty, comfy, flowery, and snazzy

Anonymous 69621


Oversized knit cardigan + skirt or wide pants with face flushed and hair messy from the chilly air. I feel the cutest in big, warm layers and maybe with legs visible in a miniskirt at most. Also feels not specifically for men since my shape is hidden.
I never get harassed, but this combo just feels very "feminine but for the girls to admire" you know?

Also stupid, but eating cute food makes me feel cute, too.

Anonymous 69623

Sweaters and leggings or hoses in the fall and winter seasons.

Anonymous 69697

Ngl this post has /tttt/ vibes.

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