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Anyone alse worried? Anonymous 69727

Anyone else worried about how many men are agaits women's education and working rights? I remember eading today about a man that was speaking at a conference how women should stay away from the workplace. I also remember hearing about a podcast and the men in it were saying how women should not be in school and they were joking about an Israeli girl getting shot in the head while going to an education center.
I also searched jokingly ''it was a mistake to educate women'' and I got terrified how many men were saying this all over social media.
I am getting worried also from the taliban takeover in Kabul.

(Sorry if it doesn't belong here, don't ban me.)

Anonymous 69728

Men have always thought this, it's nothing new. They'd take away our right to education, work, voting etc. in a second if they could.

Anonymous 69729

"Women fail to understand how much men hate them." Germaine Greer

As the other anon said, it's always been this way.

Anonymous 69743

Promote and encourage girls and women taking education and positions of power, that's the only way education getting taken from us can be prevented.

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