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Anonymous 69975

how to stop being so emotional dependent on him? we've been together for 6 months and it's a LDR. everytime we fight i feel like dying, i can't sleep or eat neither. he is one of my only two friends and i don't want to be away from him but i think my feelings now are ruining things between us. i talked about therapy but he didn't like the idea and just can't undestand that is not that simple to just stop being like this. i don't know what to do :(

Anonymous 69976

Go to therapy anyway, find more friends, and find more things to do outside the relationship.

Honestly though, him dissuading you from going to therapy is a red flag.

Anonymous 69983

He made me promise that i wouldn't search for help in therapy because he doesn't believe that this kind of thing is real(?). But i'm looking for it anyway, i can't count on him anymore.

Anonymous 69984

>He made me promise that i wouldn't search for help in therapy because he doesn't believe that this kind of thing is real(?).
Do you really want to be with someone like that?

Anonymous 69986

>claims to not believe in the effectiveness of therapy
>somehow doesn't want you to try it at all even if it "wouldn't work"
Yeah he knows that therapy would make you leave him/less easy to manipulate.

Anonymous 70005

Sorry bestie but you're retarded and your bf is a manipulative asshole.
Imagine having such a shitty relationship that you have multiple fights while being long distance.

Anonymous 70046

hi op, i was in the same boat for a long time with my current (unsure about our relationship now) bf.

the only way to do it is to hyperfixate on something you enjoy, like a new hobby or something you know you can really sink your teeth into.
personally, i avoid pain like a total pussy by smoking and vaping all the time, and drinking from the second i wake up. but, i could definitely deal with it better if i just found something to be interested in and really went hard with it.

Anonymous 70047

i think i can speak for 98% of people in this thread when i can tell you how retarded you sound in saying that, the 'bestie' shit just kind of cancels out any point you had by making you look worse

this is cc not tiktok

Anonymous 70057

Nta but I think it’s cute. CC is smaller than other imageboards and it’s nice to have a feeling of closeness among anons.

Anonymous 70060

Become emotionally dependant on yourself. Think about it for a long time, don't just pass over the thoughts really listen to yourself.

Anonymous 70069

Not either of those two anons but I think it's really condescending when you're literally calling the other person retarded in the same post.
Otherwise, yeah, it's cute.

Anonymous 70081

Why the fuck did my post get deleted?
Anyway girly I told you to fuck off since cc barely has any board culture anyway. This isn't /a/ or /jp/.

Anonymous 70094

this. in that context it's the same as a southern bitch saying "bless her heart"

Anonymous 70095

bc anyone who doesn't like you can report you for "pointless infighting" which is also partly why cc has 0 board culture

Anonymous 70132

>he is one of my only two friends
This is why you need to surround yourself with female friends. Friendships are a vital need, especially when you don't have close bounds with your family. Friends are you second family. They can provide you emotional support, so you don't feel too much dependant on your romantic partners, especially early on in the relationship.

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