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Anonymous 70136

If the person is more “unattractive” on a dating app, are they supposed to carry the convo? Like if a guy is trying to get into a serious relationship on bumble, he matches with a girl that looks better than him, is the dude supposed to carry the convo? Because he’s not as “hot” as the female he’s trying to date???

Anonymous 70143

Neither of them should have to carry the conversation, it's a sign that the other person isn't interested. If looks aren't your strong point, you need to use your profile to highlight your other good points before the convo starts, eg good job, funny, kind, etc.

Anonymous 70144

When I used dating apps for serious relationships, I always had to carry the convo, so none of the guys that swiped on me were even interested in me? But they still responded to me to say hi

Anonymous 70147

Girl, just get off dating apps.
Seriously. I know that many girls here are socially awkward or unadjusted, but it if you force yourself to interact IRL through clubs, hobby shops, etc., you will do so much better.

Dating apps are full of fuckboys, coomers and middle aged creeps, it's honestly not worth your time.

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