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Anonymous 70420

Is she right? I've seen arguments both for and against.

Anonymous 70421


>has no side effects
I suppose it has one main effect.

Anonymous 70427

Having sex isn't risk free, especially for women.

Anonymous 70428

Counterpoint: sex is gross and should be outlawed.

Anonymous 70431

It's just not possible under capitalism nona

Anonymous 70432

Your great-great-grandparents had 14 children under poverty conditions. What about capitalism precludes you from doing so right now other than your own sense of comfort?

Anonymous 70458

>under poverty conditions
You could afford to pay rent getting paid less than a dollar a day …100 years ago. You can’t afford that anymore.

Anonymous 70460

>You could afford to pay rent getting paid less than a dollar a day …100 years ago.
Yes poverty conditions I'm aware.

Anonymous 70461

lots of evidence showing that poverty conditions are really bad for childrens' well being in general. there's exceptions but chances are it's a bad thing.

Anonymous 70475

What are you talking about??

Anonymous 70476

Which is why fantasy is infinitely better. I swear to god fantasy is just as amazing as reality. People who think its not just have no internal life.

Anonymous 70477

There are things about fantasy I wouldn't give up for anything. I cannot put it aside for some guy, to lead that diminished of an existence. Its telling.

Anonymous 70479

You look for a room mate until one sticks while you're getting paid crap. Save up for, and develop your own means of earning income, and eventually earn enough to live on your own. You really don't need to go to college either though. Making money is incredibly easy, there are millions of ways if you have any imagination.>>70460

Anonymous 70480

Is touch starvation real?
The deprivation of sensory inputs of two bodies touching each other, using all of the senses?

Anonymous 70488

You probably just have a raging libido.

Anonymous 70567


>Cherry boy
Why is this so funny?

Anonymous 70570

It is. It's very close to loneliness. The question is if you're touch starved or just a virgin wanting that kind of experience in your life.

Anonymous 70583

It's real. Just look up wire mothers, lack of skin touch can fuck up a person. Fortunately people are everywhere

Anonymous 70765


Looked up wire mothers. Some definite creepypasta or SCP potential there…

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