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Anonymous 70464

Is there anyway to trick bumbles verification?
I’ve been taking to this guy, he lives like two hours away. He wants to meet up and hangout. Today I asked him if he had any tattoos and he said no. In his picture I swear he has a tattoo on his wrist though, but I also can’t really tell. He only had one photo but he has the little blue check mark. I honestly just don’t want to get murdered.

Anonymous 70465

>one photo
into the trash he goes

Anonymous 70468

That doesn’t answer my question at all.
His profile read as that he wasn’t super interested in being on bumble.

Anonymous 70469

I don't know but what does the checkmark prove anyway? Sickos can get verified too, I wouldn't put too much value on that checkmark legit or not.

Anonymous 70470

Also have you tried image reversing his pic to find his social media?

Anonymous 70471

It proves that he is who he says he is. He looks like I could take him in the picture. I have a gun for protection, just in case he was some crazy. But I just don’t wanna be lied to and expect some scrawny fuck. While in reality he’s like some 250lb, 6’4 fuck, because then I could not take him at all.
I feel like I shouldn’t have to pull some crazy stuff like this to feel safe. That’s why I thought most girls used bumble because of the verification process.

Anonymous 70491

dunno the guy in the pic could be exactly who he says and shows to be and still be a rapist or murderer. I think it's a bit naive to believe a verification checkmark will protect you from a man who genuinely set out to hurt women through dating profiles, so if that's something you're worried about I say either just image reverse and see if you can pull up his social media or cut it off, you probably shouldn't ignore a gut feeling..

Also maybe just ask him about his wrist tattoo

Anonymous 70501

Sage for OT but where is this pic from OP? I really like the art style.

Best of luck not getting murdered

Anonymous 70739


I didn’t get murdered
I got ghosted after sighhh
I though we had a good time I guess not
Time to curl in a ball and cry.

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